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Roland Pokornyik
Roland Pokornyik CEO, Co-founder Kft.

I believe that hard work, endurance, passion and adaptability will eventually bring success in life. That's why I'm doing all my best to make the most widely used, independent email editor on the globe. I have been on a very exciting journey in the last 3 years personally and as a CEO as well. I went through tons of challenges, and I'm still learning every day. I used to call myself a problem solver... but I don't like the word "problem" anymore. There are challenges in life, not problems. Period. We are on a great track with with paying customers all over the globe, but there's still a long way to go, still we get there... but we are working on it every day, to make it happen. I'm confident that we will get there one day or another, thanks to my team, my friends, my supportive wife and beautiful child.