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Patrick Kitchell Technical Solutions Specialist The Blue Collar Marketer

The reality is that the great social media era is over and brands and people are awaking to the fact that there is diminishing or no returns on the value from these channels. I knew this tsunami which is still gathering strength will make landfall in the next few years and disrupt and change things forever. For those that know me know that I have experimented on many fronts and have a deep understanding of the mechanisms in social media and have for sometime predicted its decline. It is this writing on the wall and in my own personal reflection about where to spend my time to get the more return that LinkedIn has lost its charm. Maybe it some of the following: 1.) A decline of groups 2.) The uselessness of pulse as a blogging tool 3.) The Facebook/Twitter like feed full of stupid math problems and fake jobs in Dubai that get 16,000 likes. 4.) The security breach 5.) For me, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the 800 likes and roughly 600 comments for a fictitious title called Ninja cat. Frankly, Life is too short to spend time here. Therefore, I will not spend time on this platform except to update my profile and use it as a static public facing CV/Resume and professional address book. I will not read or post on pulse nor share any updates on Linkedin from today. If you need to contact me, please email me: • • try twitter @denmark98 Finally, I occasionally blog on my site called: please feel free to stop by. I wish you luck!

Previous Experience

2015 - Present - Microsoft - Technical Solution Professional - Denmark 2015 - 2010 - Sitecore - Head of Global CRM - Denmark 2010 - 2008 - Keyzone a/s - Business Analyst and Consultant, CRM - Denmark 2008 - 2006 - GN - MS CRM Technician and E-applications Supporter - Denmark 2006 - 2002 - Horsholm International School - Instructor/Computer Technician - Denmark 1994 - 1990 - Social Service - Small Business Owner - NYC,USA