Patrick Kitchell
Patrick Kitchell 26 August 2015

Understanding The (Super) Power Embedded In Your Links

Unlocking these powers gives you insights into who, what and where your content being clicked.

Did you know that that your links have hidden super powers?  There are hidden super powers that you need to be aware of when you start to write your own content or share other peoples content.


The way to  unlock these powers is to use a program that shortens your links and gives you insights into who, what and where is your content being clicked.


Lets take a simple example: LinkedIn in Profile:


I have to rely on Linkedin to tell me who has clicked this linkedin and this is nice but there is more information to be gained if I shorten the link and share it socially.  I am using a shorten service called and this masks the link to look like this:


What Does Bit.Ly Do For You?


Shows How Many Link Clicks Over Time

Gives the ability to see how many clicks I have per day from a 24 hour period to a 30 day period with the ability to drill in specific links per hour/day.


Gives The Referral Traffic Overview


Show where the link is being referred from when clicked.  This is very interesting information and useful if your links are being shared across tools and platform and it tracks the link even if it is not its original form. Not surprising my main referral point is over Twitter.


Give Location Information


Shows the geographic spread of your links being click both over all, all links or for individual links.


Shows Others Users That Have Shared


This is a great way to reach out to those that share your content and thank them!

Shows Where the Link Was Shared on Social



With the ability to drill in further and see traffic.



Historical Overview


A historical overview of my links in order of most clicks



Example: How To Inflate Your Klout Score Published on the Digital Doughnut


CLICK -- >


The blog post has a  total of 1001 click with 58% of click on the shortened link and 42 from other links for the same address.  The green is other bitlinks to the same content -- MEANS SHARING.



Lets See Where It Is Being Shared:

Lets drill in other sites: Interesting to see and and



Finally the geographic spread which includes 37 countries





Link shorten is a very powerful tool to use to give you  insights into your content if used consistently over time. It gives user the ability to track and engage with people and platforms that are clicking and sharing their content.


Original Article


Find out more on the future of Technology at our DLUK - Trends Briefing on the 24th September 2015



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