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Patrick Kitchell 30 March 2015
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The Real Big Question For Periscope

A personal opinion piece about how Periscope enhances your Twitter experience.

**DISCLAIMER: I have heard all the ups and downs of both meerkat and persicope and find many discussions are smoke and mirrors to the real question at hand.

What value does Periscope bring to my twitter timeline and my twitter experiences?


A metaphor for Twitter:

In my head; Twitter is a dynamic newspaper route where in collaboration(favs, RTS, tweets) the content is delivered dynamically.

Right now, both Periscope and Meerkat are creating new type of content for my route(GREAT) but only one is enhancing my ability to strengthen my connection to people and their timelines.

Live Streaming is Here to Stay

Since, I  am testing Persicope the new twitter live streaming app that has been released and I have also watched quite a few series discussions comparing Perisope to Meerkat both from famous people like Peter from @mashable to people like @Jaymini_Mistry or @vincenzolandino , @AdamLeidhecker  in my sphere of influence who have a good take on it and things in general.

Without getting into feature battle or a UI/UX battle as all this has been over discussed and will continued to be discussed I think the major question not being answered is the one above.


I think that this one question needs to be discussed and understood and shouldn’t be swept away by periscope hearts (irritating) or disappearing chats on periscope. For me, a person that uses twitter in both my professional and personal life, I would say that one thing that meerkat has done for me is breathe life into my timelines and impressions, just look at these statistics:

Now, I like this and in my understanding of an app that taps in my twitter pool should enhance all my key analytic points, these apps have to make sense and to continue to make twitter relevant going forward.


Why has all these numbers gone up?  It is because meerkat makes your chats tweets and this gives people the ability to find the people that are participating in their streaming feeds on twitter.  The knock on effect is more tweets, impressions, followers, mentions, etc.

Simple put people are engaging across services on the same channel!

If Meerkat tweaks this because there is a major complaint in the chat to tweet functionality and that is the tweets from chat have no context and noone else knows they are related to a specific meerkat stream. If meerkat can figure out how to do this then the upswing in twitter analytics will continue and usage of twitter as a media channel for advertising will also increase. Frankly, I think that meerkat is good for twitter by breathing life back into its host and compliments twitter more than periscope at this moment.

Now Periscope the native Twitter app competing with meerkat doesn’t enhance your twitter timelines(except for notification that you are streaming) as far as I can see. Yes,  I can see users profile pictures and bios in periscope but users still need to “follow” you in periscope just like meerkat and therefore the twitter native app doesn’t even give you a boost across services about who to follow from your twitter world that engages with you most, I find this mind boggling.

Twitter should (hint periscope functionality wish) tell me in periscope who to follow not based on hearts or even based on my own followers list but based on which of my followers engage with me on twitter and who my twitter followers engage in both spaces.  That way twitter helps me cut through the noise and personalizes my periscope possibilities.

Maybe in a future release periscope with post things back to twitter so users can find easily when on twitter – where I live and then drives engagement to my twitter home and  breathe life in my twitter experiences.

I will end by saying that if Periscope is not going to increase my twitter use or increase the engagement to my twitter base then I am very confused about the purpose of Periscope.  I get the whole live streaming thing but Periscope is a silo channel right now.  If this isn’t the purpose of Periscope to have a seamless twitter integration that feeds life back to my twitter experiences then I am confused about what is the purpose at all.

Update March 28, 2015 20:00 CET -- I deleted the app periscope, I couldn’t handle it anymore. It was a painful, messy experience and I was link baited and rick rolled like 10 times in less than 1 day including this one below.

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