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Vicky Shelton-smith
Vicky Shelton-smith Business Development Executive Proctor + Stevenson
United Kingdom

As Business Development Executive of Proctors, I help develop the agency's brand and gain new business and clients. Chat to me about how we can help your ROI, marketing strategy or my love of popcorn.


Hello, I’m Vicky. Allow me to introduce myself In a way that’s unique and not off the shelf Who am I? Creative and passionate, I think you’ll find A real go-getter and a dab hand at rhyme Marketing’s my game, always on the brain From blogging, newsletters and brands to maintain If you want to make your company show I can definitely help with your SEO Whether you’re looking for leads as a B2B Or engage targeted audiences as a B2C And social media? Hmm… where do I begin? There’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest pins! I’m a bit of a whiz, if you don’t mind a brag I can help when stumped about a Twitter tag! There’s a whole world of marketing so that will be all At Proctors, you can trust our passion, give us a call Though there is one thing that is quite disheartening, There isn’t that much that rhymes with ‘marketing’