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Kiana Mason 12 November 2019
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Succeed In The Digital Marketplace With These Online Listing Tips

As more of your target customers are entering the digital marketplace, so is your competition. Stay ahead of the game by creating online listings and promotional posts that stand out from the rest. This post includes pointers on wording, consumer psychology, format and other tips to create listings that convert.

More consumers than ever are shopping online, and this means that more businesses are entering the digital playing field and creating more competition. Successfully selling online takes more than just posting pictures of your products and writing a few lines of description. You need to write online listings that help you stand out from the rest.

Buyers are unable to view what you’re selling in person – so you’ll have to write listings that accurately describe your products. These listings will need to grab the reader’s attention and keep their interest from the headline all the way to the end of the final text. You’ll also need to connect with your buyer on an emotional level and convince them that your product or service is providing a solution for them in some way.

This may seem like a lot, but in using the right words and tactics in a listing you’ll be able to reach and engage consumers. 

The Importance of Psychology 

Consumers are motivated by the psychology behind buying – the emotions that they’re feeling help them decide if a purchase is right for them. 

Find an emotional link 

Buyers make decisions based on an emotion or need rather than a logical thought. When writing your listing, consider the emotional link to your customer – what’s the emotional “button” that you can use here?

Provide facts to build value

After leading with their emotions, consumers justify their buying decisions with facts. A buyer may be eager to buy a product – give them detailed information about the product and they’re even more persuaded to buy.

Address consumer needs

People often buy based on a need. Why would someone need your product? Once you identify their need, follow it up by answering any concerns they might have about making this particular purchase.

Price smartly

A customer can love your product and be almost ready to buy. Take them that step further to complete the sale by making your price appealing. For instance, price items that are cost effective to buyers with a “9” at the end. They’ll mentally round down, making the product seem even more affordable.

Best Practices for Writing Online Listings

There are a few tried and true rules for writing online listings. Follow these whenever possible:

When should you post?

Post when buyers are most likely to have the time to engage with your listing. The best time is after 5 pm when people have finished work. Or on weekends when they have even more free time to shop.

Write captivating headlines

The headline tells shoppers what you’re selling in just a few words. The best headlines are 40 to 80 characters long, with the most important words at the beginning for the most emphasis.

Provide great descriptions

Your listing description is crucial in giving customers information to decide if they need your product. To attract the most attention, write descriptions that are more than 160 characters, putting the most important details first.

The power of images

Marketing studies show that 80% of people have more confidence in buying when they can view a video. And images are just important – with visuals, buyers can see what you’re describing in your listing, making them more willing to buy.

Be open to new ideas

Don’t be reluctant to check out what other digital marketers are doing online. Take what’s working for others and add your own twist to make it more relevant to the products you’re selling.

Design With Readability in Mind

Don’t underestimate the importance of design in your listing. Simple things like font can play a huge role in having your listings read or passed over. Buyers don’t have a lot of time to shop – if your text is hard to read, they won’t make the effort. You need to make it easy for buyers to find the information they’re looking for. Here’s how:

  • Use dark coloured text on a white background for easy contrast.
  • Choose a font that looks modern and streamlined, such as Arial or Futura.
  • Use appropriately sized font – 10 to 14 point is ideal for text.
  • Stay on-brand with page design – and be consistent from one listing to the next.

Digital Listing Tips

Online product listings are more successful when you follow these tips for digital marketing:

  • Always write original listings that are unique for each product you’re selling.
  • Use quality images – they gain more credibility with buyers.
  • Write listings with cross-selling in mind. If you’re writing a listing for a product that’s closely related to another, find a creative way to mention this alternate product. This encourages consumers to check out more of your products.

Utilize the tips here for writing great listings and you’ll be ready to succeed online. As more consumers turn to digital shopping for both convenience and selection, you’ll need to become even more competitive and digital marketing savvy.

With so many businesses selling their products, the options for buyers are unlimited. Make sure your listing stands out and convinces consumers that you’re the solution they're looking for.

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