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Joel House 12 March 2019
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Web Design Tips and Trends you Should Try in 2019

At this present year, knowing and applying the latest web design tips and trends is a way to improve and help you to increase your site visitors and catch their attention.

There are 4.4 billion people who are active in using the internet worldwide. Making sure that your web designs are new and significant is a factor in having a beautiful and fascinating website. Also, you must always look in the user-friendliness of the site to the end user.

At this present year, knowing and applying the latest web design tips and trends is a way to improve and help you to increase your site visitors and catch their attention.

Here are some 2019 website tips and trends you need to be familiar with:

1. Asymmetrical Design and Layouts

Why Asymmetry?

Balance is an essential part of designing a website and using asymmetrical features is much simpler to come by. This year, the latest trends are breaking the grid system which is commonly used by many web designers for decades to achieve the balance and arrangement on their designs. Grid systems are those unseen structures on a website’s page which gather all of its components together.

Well, going back to Asymmetry, they are breaking the grid system. Asymmetrical layouts can be an exceptional way to increase the interest and style on your website when proper expertise has been used by the designer.

Going back to the basics of designing can help you to appreciate and find a modern way of improving your work. There are innumerable ways of breaking down patterns which normally leads to a new and modern design that can renew your strong interest in web designing.

Always keep in mind that consistency is important in your asymmetry. Always make sure to set-up a hierarchy and work with repetition so that your users can easily browse and control your page.

2. Animated images

Nowadays, the animation is not only for kids’ shows any longer. They are appearing everywhere now that it is popular, entertaining, and appropriate to everyone.

In web designing, we are not referring to short animated videos. Nevertheless, this kind of videos is somehow necessary for designing considering the interest of the new era of active internet users. Short cinemagraphs and animated GIFs is what we refer to when talking about animated visuals. A great way to get the attention of your site visitors is putting animated gifs and cinemagraphs when designing your website.

As an active social media user, I think you are already aware of what an animated gif seems to be like. But the question is, do you know what are cinemagraphs?

Cinemagraphs are images that incorporate repetitive actions which creates a quick and short video clip. They are produced as an animated GIF or in other formats such as CSS, WebGL or SVG. One good example is the image of a firm and repetitive animated steam rising from the cup of a coffee.

The main reason for using animation is to boost the ease of use of the website. Animation must be light and smoothly continuous. Basic animations can help the user to know what to click and how to operate the website’s page.

The secondary reason for using animation is for decoration. Its intention is to help the user and website to have an interest and visual connection which can make the user hooked on your site for a considerable length of time. Always determine what kind of visuals will connect you to the users when they visit your site. Do you want them to feel entertained or surprised? Well, both large and small visuals should have an objective in boosting the design of your site.

3. Use of 3D Photos

What does 3D image mean? 3D is the acronym of three- dimensional image. It is an image which appears to be flat to the naked eye but it is shown in a form with various dimensions.

Web designers got this 3D photos idea to be very interesting. One of the reason is when Facebook applied this as their new update on their social media site. Nowadays, because of the continuous improvement of our technology, we can now set up a 3D map on all the images we capture every day through the use of our latest cameras and other advanced technological devices.

3D images show an engaging communication to the users. Scrolling and tilting the 3D images catch the user’s mind and holding them to stay on your website’s page.

4. Minimalist design

There is an old principle that online web designers are acknowledging gradually. Do you know what it is? They are calling it less is more.

One of the advantages when using a minimalist design is the user can apply his time efficiently when browsing through your website because of the quick loading time that it will take in accessing your page.

The philosophy of having a minimalist design leads to an idea that you must base your design on the content of your website. The web designer’s goal is to have the users to determine their objective and navigate the website conveniently. So, they normally tend to begin with a fuzzy content and create an interface which is enough for the needs of their users.

This kind of web designing is an ideal trend this year. Bringing in the white spaces on your page, cutting down your content to lessen the site’s loading times and develop conversions.

5. Use of coding in web designing

Recently, there is an argument if web designers should also be knowledgeable in coding. What do you think? Well, some designers probably did this already and applied what they have learned to create an effective design tool.

Figma and Framer X are some of the good examples of these new design tools which help the designers to integrate coding tightly through the use of plug-in systems and APIs.

6. Be updated on the trends of Web Designing

As time pass by, the industry of web design is very aggressive and changes rapidly. It is important that you should remain at the top of its latest trends to be successful in this industry.

Applying asymmetrical designs and layouts, animated images, 3D photos, some coding and other proven and established techniques will guide you to have a modern, pertinent, and functional designs on your website.

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