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Tim Salivan 28 March 2018
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7 Tips For Improving The Marketing Effect Of Your Photos and Videos

Those who promote products and services through social platforms, like Instagram and Youtube, understand that the more engaging a photo or video is, the more likely it will convert viewers into buyers. Here are a few tips for marketers to improve their statistics.

In the age of smartphones and affordable high-quality cameras, the bar for video or photo marketing has been set quite high. Using a quick editing or filters can not really turn a badly taken photo into a truly great one. However, there are some techniques, suggested by professional photographers, which will help you develop better skills and impact more people.

1 Set a Proper Scene

You should always mind the content's position inside the photo. Never make a rookie mistake like distancing yourself too far. Get closer and let the content you are capturing fill the frame. Unless the surroundings are important for the photo, there is no reason for them to take too much space in the frame.


Experimenting with different positions is also a great idea to increase photo quality. If you are not afraid of getting a little dirty to get a good position, you can make some really engaging photos.

2 Background

A background can easily get misplaced in photos if you are not keeping attention to it. Objects in the background seem naturally placed when looking at them with your eyes but a photo is a 2D representation of reality and sometimes background objects can interfere with the main objects in a photo. There is nothing worse than shooting a picture of your family and some object in the back looks like it is growing out of someone's head.

3 Lighting

Probably the number one thing that people, who aren't experienced with photography, need to know is that no matter how good your camera is if there is not enough light, the photos won't be great. Light allows for sharp images and proper contrast while removing the noise at the same time.


Even more important than having enough light is to set it properly. Especially if you are using natural light, always try to keep it on the front sides of main objects in the frame. This will help you create a realistic shading, which is of most importance when shooting portraits.

4 Rule of Thirds

Positioning an object in the center of your photo may seem like a logical move at first but our eyes tend to focus around the center and not directly at it. That is why a photo grid is important. It divides the frame into three parts horizontally and vertically. Placing the most important objects along the lines of that grid will make your photos more appealing to human eyes.


This will also help you place the scenery proportionally into the frame, the more important areas of the photo always taking two-thirds of the grid.

5 Shooting Lots of Content

The usual amateur mistakes in photography also involve taking only a photo or two of something. With digital photography, there is no reason not to take lots of photos of the same scenery. You never know when you can accidentally hit that perfect angle or get that perfect lighting that you wanted.

6 Post Editing and Filtering

Like we mentioned already in the beginning of the article, quick filtering and editing does not make photos  great but if everything else is done properly it can greatly improve the end product you are creating. This, however, also needs to be done properly and with moderation. Take your time to learn proper photoshop techniques and use them to make already great photos, even better.


When editing photos, there are also things you should avoid. Typical photo cliches such as fake sunlight, adding a frame or a watermark to your photos and going too heavy on the HDR will only make your photos look amateur and childish.

7 Video Sound

There are lots of mistakes that can be forgiven when shooting a video, however, a bad sound is something that simply makes it unwatchable. A clear and quality sound will always commend the video and make it way more enjoyable, engaging and effective.

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