Volodymyr Zastavnyy
Volodymyr Zastavnyy 16 July 2018

Email Signature Marketing: 7 Practical Tips That Will Help You to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

It is not a surprise that the email signature is an ascending marketing tool in the business industry. Either you’re a bakery owner with an e-commerce website or SaaS startup that is looking for an additional exposure; it’s the high time to start using an email signature if you still haven’t started yet. In this article, we will talk about seven practical tips on how to make the most out of your email signature and achieve your business marketing objectives.

Statistics claim that over one-third of the worldwide population will be using email by the end of 2019. Quite impressive, isn’t it? But numbers don’t lie. The tendency is growing which means that you have to keep up with the reality and enhance your email marketing strategy accordingly.

Today, email usage is as important as ever. Only in 2017 the average user sent and received around 124 business emails per day. Every marketer knows the struggle is choosing the right email subject, proper greetings or testing several templates. And on top of that, the content should be exclusive. Hence, it takes quite an effort to make a customer open your email. Although, if the person made it to the end of the email, then he or she is already engaged and most likely ready to take the next step. This is an amazing opportunity to interconnect with the potential client and make your brand memorable by adding the email signature.

NEWOLDSTAMP professional email signature generator

Email signature marketing is about using the email signature strategically. Naturally, emails go to the already targeted audience; therefore, it will benefit over the social media and search engine marketing. Including an email signature is basically adding a one complex CTA button to your email content. In this way, an email signature is a powerful and inexpensive tool that can sell, promote, boost traffic, engage new customers, build credibility and increase brand awareness.

There are some primary marketing objectives that every business is striving for, and that can be carried out by the proper email signature marketing strategy.

#1. Increase brand awareness

A professional email signature is an excellent way to reach clients in a less invasive manner. Be sure it contains basic info, such as contact details, link to the website, company’s logo and links to social media pages. Include a professional interactive email signature to every email you and your employees send to make a memorable impression on the potential customers and spread a positive image of your brand.

Goal #2. Build trust

Look at the email signature as at the business card. How would you like to see yours?

Both of them can expand your network, but before actually engaging with your prospective clients, you have to build trust to the brand.

Make your signature design clean and professional, avoid multiple colors and twisted fonts. Add only necessary information, combined with a headshot photo or a business logo. And most importantly, make sure the signature reflects your brand image.

Goal #3. Build brand consistency

One of the crucial moments of email signature marketing strategy is consistency. Especially in big companies. Today,email signature marketing platforms suggest an option to manage signatures for different departments centrally. This means you can quickly build visual consistency among all of your digital communication channels and be sure that each of your teammates has a signature that meets your company’s brand standards and style. It is not a good idea to let your employees create their signatures by themselves. Central management function helps you to avoid irrelevant links and exceeding personalization.

Goal #4. Boost traffic and increase the number of return visitors

Your business email signature is a perfect place to promote your website, blog or just the latest article. Include the link in your signature or add it to the promotional banner to make more interactive. But don’t overload a signature, so your customers don’t get lost in the variety of links – define priorities.

Goal #5. Increase social media following

Email signature marketing also gives you a chance to promote your social media pages and gain more followers in a natural way. Simply can add clickable social icons to make your signature look complete.

When using social networks in your email sig, make sure your pages are relevant, updated, with the right content and high engagement activity.

Goal #6. Generate more leads

Apart from the email content, marketers can also place CTA buttons on the email signatures. Research shows that the CTA banner below the employee’s email signature has a higher engagement rate. It is one of the very favorable lead generation tactics which gives you countless promotion possibilities and increases the CTR rate. 

CTA banner below the employee’s email signature increases engagement

You can endorse not only products and services but also campaigns, seasonal discounts, special offers, subscription to your business communications, etc. Besides, constructing a tailored messaging on the CTA will add you some credits for creativity ;)

Don’t add too many CTAs, remember that when it comes to call-to-action, the less is more!

Goal #7. Retain customers

An email signature allows you to pull out the marketing message to the bottom of the email and focus on the content communication in its body. At the end of the day it is all about value; therefore, you never impose the ‘call to action’. The exciting content will make it for you. Use email signature as a polite reminder of your special offers and discounts.


The email signature marketing is indeed one of the strategies you want to stick to. Except for the obvious benefits of broad exposure and customer engagement, it is a great tool to push the company higher in a search ranking.

Although, you need to remember that email signature only an additional marketing instrument. Only in combination with other marketing strategies it can enhance your business results. The email signature will work perfectly when it fits into your marketing mix to satisfy your stakeholders’ needs and is consistent with your business ambitions.

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