Dr. Islam Gouda
Dr. Islam Gouda 29 January 2016

The Marketing Team: What Is It All About?!

What are the characteristics or attributes of the marketing team members?

When a brand is being put together, the projections of the perceived character and brand personality is comprised of a delicate mix of unseen yet felt manifestations of the meaning of the brand. This meaning is what creates connections with the right customers enabling communication, generating loyalty, and ultimately producing profit.

It is the voice of the brand, only heard by those customers who interact with the brand on a regular basis – the type of customers the company was created serve providing its products and services to.

The voice of the brand is created by a person – a member of the marketing team who is the most familiar about the company and what it provides in addition to its customers. That person is the incarnated figure of the character of the brand and its personality.

At the end of the day they define the features of the brand based on their own sense of judgement and understanding of what it represents, what does it mean, and what it should stand for. This in its essence means that part of that person’s character is imprinted on the brand – it defines it in somehow and manifests itself to the customers and the public.

I personally believe that marketing is more than just an arts and science, it is a character; the charisma of the marketing team which allows for an appeal for the brand and how it should be represented. There are companies who already implement the character testing for some of the positions, but it is much more vital for marketing than any other – and the mix which matters.

A character-diverse team is much more effective than a gender or a race diverse team – the perfect combination though is to create a team which is diverse in gender, personality or character, and race. Such combination enriches what the team has to offer to the company and the contributions of its meaning.

Every position in the marketing team has a different type of character which best fits the aspirations wanted to be achieved from the job more than the job description itself. It doesn’t happen that we stick to what is asked from us, if you take a look at your job description you will find you are either doing more or something little different asked from you. It is who has variable resilience to fulfil what is aspired to be achieved from a certain position in the marketing team is much more effective than who merely can fulfil the job description or criteria.

If we tried to analyse the hierarchy of the marketing team, we will get to understand that it looks like a pyramid – where the management is at the top of the peak following the other various positions. So, what are the characteristics or attributes of the marketing team members?

1. Management (Coach, Mentor, Intro-Extrovert,) other characteristics depending on the brand:

The concerned must have the ability to lead others, providing coaching and insights into the marketing activities depending on what would be best for the brand. A mentor who knows how to guide others while at the same time is not shy to get his or her hands dirty. Entrepreneurship and intellectual spirit is a must – understanding and knowing on how to create tactics while being able to put his or her mind into others, knowing what they want and how to achieve.

There are other associate characteristics which can define the other aspects of the brand, like being prudent versus being funny, or being cautious versus being adventurous and trying new things (thinking outside the box), and the list goes on.  These traits and characters are the main contributors of a brand and they are vital to be present as well in the person who manages the team as being the main responsible for shaping how the brand will look like.

2. Middle Marketing Jobs (the listener/writer, the funny and proactive, the controller/prudent)

A team without a leader is nothing, and a leader without a team is nothing. We have discussed previously the main characters of the tip of the Pyramid Peak (the management), which can vary from company to company depending on the brand itself. However, the Middle Marketing Team’s characteristics must be the same across all marketing departments in all companies – this formula makes sure an effective coordination between all members, and we will be explaining how.

The listener and writer character is the person who pays very much attention to detail; they record the brand’s being and other brands’ beings (competitors) and try to introduce best practices, ideas, and much creative than the others. These characters are not task oriented, they are objective oriented. They work on the main objectives of the marketing’s leadership and try to add value to the work done.

The funny and proactive character takes the insights of the listener and writer and transforms them into actionable milestones. These types of marketing employees are light-spirited; they add the element of enjoyment to the team – have a positive outlook at things and balances the routine with much more entertaining atmosphere. They are very creative as well in finding solutions to problems which might face the team, as of their positive attitude towards problems and ability to see things from a very open-minded angle.

The controller and prudent sets the tone. These individuals are task-oriented; they do what is asked from them. They take input from the listener and writer, and control the fun side of the funny and proactive by enforcing a sense of responsibility and judgement towards over-enjoyment at work. They often clash with the funny and proactive; however this clash produces productivity in the team as they lead to competition of whose style is better in front of the management.

3. Coordinators and Assistance (Introverts)

The most effective of all coordinators and assistance are the silent-workers. These are those who prefer to do their tasks without much of interaction with the team. They prefer to alienate themselves (more of introverts) who help and assist as much as they can when required. However, the marketing team’s management’s role is to involve these individuals in the team as much as they can – not much as of taking their insight, but as instilling a sense of the team, togetherness, and unity between the members. As long as you are part of the team, you are part of the team.

At the end, when deciding what the brand should be like – it is the people (the team) who affect how the brand is, thus it is vital to mix characters and consider such criteria when including members to the team. It is that productive clash which is much desired that perfects the marketing process and keeps it going with less control from the management and more supervising. The creative process only desires mentor-ship and coaching and less of control.

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