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Laura Stack 1 December 2015
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Top 9 Budget Christmas Videos

To provide you some inspiration, here's a variety of interesting videos concepts from across the web.

This month, we’ve already discussed the power of video advertising and how online video content can increase conversions by up to 85%. But if John Lewis’s £1 million budget is a little out of your range, don’t despair, you can still produce quality - or at the very least creative - festive videos without breaking the bank.


To provide you some inspiration, here’s a variety of interesting videos concepts from across the web:

9) Man on the Moon Parody

Let’s start with MyVoucherCodes, who commissioned a group of students at Brixton School of Communication Arts to produce a John Lewis Man on the Moon concept for just £700. Think of what they could do with all that extra cash they’ve saved!

8) Oddbins TV ad
Oddbins have been another to brag about their budget Christmas video. They splashed out just £10,000 on this tale of man and fox that really lives up to the Odd in Oddbins.


7) Digital Nativity
The Digital Story of the Nativity is just what it says on the tin. This clever little animation has racked up nearly 13 million views on YouTube and is a good way to educate a generation of children who apparently think the 25th December marks millionaire producer Simon Cowell’s birthday.



6) Photoshop Santa

Another video with a message is this viral spoof by ad agency Victors & Spoils which highlights the powers of Photoshop

Happy Holidays from Victors & Spoils on Vimeo.

5) Corporate Christmas Card

Chris Beaumont was commissioned to produce a corporate Christmas card video. The short piece of cinematography has a simple message and can be used time again. Chris admitted that the company never used it, so at least it’s sat on Vimeo with a happy 6000 views.

Corporate Christmas Card - Canon 7D from Chris Beaumont on Vimeo.

4) Klick Epic Office Remix

Digital Agency Click really showcase their creativity in this entertaining Jingle Bells remix which may reach a million hits this Christmas.

3) Foster Family Greeting

While lip-sync videos can often be cheesy, the Foster family get away with it with the inclusion of super cute kids. Their yearly Christmas videos, originally made to send out to their family, have had hundreds of thousands of views. My favourite is their 2010 vid:

Here Comes Santa Claus - A Christmas Video Greeting from Jared Foster on Vimeo.

2) Christmas Kids

Talking about cute kids, Kasey LaRose asks the children in his family some important questions about Christmas with adorable results. Young children + interviews = entertainment!

1) A Bespoke Christmas

Did I mention cheesy lip sync earlier? The list wouldn’t be complete without Bespoke’s own Christmas video from last year to put a smile on our lovely clients’ faces. It had a production cost of zero and a production value of priceless!

Merry Christmas to everyone - From Bespoke | Web Specialists from Bespoke on Vimeo.

Keep an eye out for this year’s Bespoke Christmas video, which will be produced by in-house videographer Laura.

Laura’s also eager to discuss your Christmas video concepts. email her at


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