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The Global Marketing Alliance provides insight, training and events for data driven marketers on a global basis.

The GMA launched in 2010 but our legacy stretches right back to 1982 in the guise of Direct Marketing International magazine.

For over 35 years we have delivered words of wisdom from the international mavens of data driven marketing. Our alliance of contributors are experts who have learned their craft out in the marketing field – all around the globe. They are regularly contributing their ideas and inspiration in exclusively-written articles that truly resonate with our readers.

As well as insightful thought-leadership editorials, they bring case study information and top-level research for marketers to deep-dive into, in order to keep a finger firmly on the pulse of the ever changing landscape that is the modern world of data-driven marketing. Tried and tested tactics, insider tips and time-saving tools of our trade – all are explored and explained to present the ultimate reading guide and go-to reference for data driven marketers.

GMA's Events

MINT Data Driven Marketing Summit
18 April 2018

MINT Data Driven Marketing Summit

Focusing on Regulation, Innovation and the New Data Economy. When we say regulation we do, of course, mean – given the timings – GDPR! However, we will be discussing GDPR through a different lens. Not as legislation to get in the way of business, but as an opportunity to create value and growth for our businesses.

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