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Will Price
Will Price Director of Earned Media SOCi
United States

In so many words, Will is a content marketer by trade and a story-telling appreciator by passion. Since grade school history & social studies classes, Will knew he wanted to someday be the one telling the stories versus just hearing them. Using data, experience and really just gut feelings, Will has put into place multiple award-winning content marketing strategies that span multiple industries and verticals. When unsuccessfully teaching his cross-eyed dog how to fetch, you can find Will adding his ramblings and late-night thoughts to Business2Community.com, the MeetSoci.com blog, Medium sites, Digital Doughnut, and a personal blog, The Momentum. You can also find Will walking around downtown San Diego, finding shady spots under palm trees, and acting as the Director of Earned Media at SOCi Inc. He might answer on Twitter at @The_Momentum or @LordWilliam.