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Stacey Danheiser
Stacey Danheiser President and Founder SHAKE Marketing Group
United States

Stacey is an experienced B2B Marketer, Co-author of Value-ology and the founder of SHAKE Marketing Group. In a time when only 14% of B2B organizations claim to be customer-centric, Stacey helps her clients better understand their customers and how to communicate with them in a way that resonates and incites action. She is passionate about building creative and actionable programs to help her clients achieve growth. Does your firm know.... - Who you should target and why? - What are your buyer's primary needs, motivations and goals? (Buyer personas) - How do your buyers make decisions? Who else is involved in the process? - Which marketing and sales tactics help your buyer make a decision? (Customer journey/ content marketing plan) - What makes your product or service unique? (Value proposition) - What's your compelling and relevant story? - Are your marketing and sales teams aligned to the customer? - Do you have an integrated marketing strategy and plan in place? - How do you measure results and improve? Prior to starting SHAKE Marketing, Stacey pioneered change within marketing organizations across several Fortune 1000 companies. From product marketing to digital marketing to sales enablement, Stacey is truly a marketing generalist that helps connect the dots and ensure all tactics work together in harmony to drive results.


Value Proposition development Marketing strategy Integrated marketing planning (online/ offline) Market and competitive research In depth customer research