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Kresten Bergsøe
Kresten Bergsøe CEO Monoloop

Started out in advertising, later founded the first agency in Denmark dedicated to one-to-one business strategy and execution. Currently building a startup in the real time personalization field. For more than two decades I have worked with companies and marketing organizations. The objective: increase the relevance of the interaction between company and customer and build trust. Relevance and trust are the main driver for customer experience, engagement, conversions, lifetime value, ROI - and yes relationships. Being relevant and trustworthy is the most valuable business currency of all. Without it you have nothing and go nowhere. +20.000 hours of work within advanced personalization, interaction design and marketing automation. Worked as strategist in consulting and execution of one-to-one marketing initiatives across a large number of industries nationally as well as internationally. Specialties: Behavioral Targeting, Personalization, Marketing innovation, One-to-one Marketing, Strategy, Conceptual development and real time technology. Machine Learning, Predictive and Recommendation technology.