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Jay Denhart-Lillard
Jay Denhart-Lillard Marketing Director Genentech

A 25-year marketing veteran, Jay designs innovative and warmly human marketing solutions that intersect strategy and technology. He cut his marketing teeth in CRM, and since then has built innovative brands, products, and services for pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, automotive, and technology brands across global markets. He strives to solve important, challenging problems for businesses to transform targets into customers, and customers into raving fans. Jay's experience with building brands in both corporate and agency environments to co-create solutions with actual customers -- designing and building experiences that meet or exceed sales objectives and garner positive Net Promoter Scores. He provides leadership for digital launches and marketing innovation projects, closely managing his team and his P&L, while keeping a razor-sharp focus on customer need. 8+ years of leading marketing research projects have honed Jay's ability to spot insights and design plans to motivate and gain changes in customer behavior. He is adept at managing projects from ‘cradle to grave’, including ascertaining key customer insights and goals through market research and the UX process, managing vendors, developers, staff, QA, and analytics to ensure the right end product, with the metrics to prove its worth. Other tid-bits: - A user-experience-minded strategic planner - Strong networker, decision-maker, and communicator - Able to meet challenging deadlines and deliver powerful results - Manager of productive teams of engaged employees - Proven experience in the application of marketing best practices - International marketing consultant experience Specialties: Multichannel Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Cross-Channel Marketing, Customer Segmentation, Social, Mobile, Digital Strategy, Market Research, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, websites, email campaigns, mobile apps, social, and rich media.


Personal Brand, Digital Marketing Strategy, Cross-Channel Marketing, Customer Insight development, Segmentation, Social, Mobile, Digital Strategy, Market Research.

Previous Experience

CMO / Founder SVP -- Digital Strategy Product Management Innovation Associate