Mihir Gadhvi
Mihir Gadhvi 28 February 2023

How to Increase Brand Visibility And Grow Your Startup

If you want to grow your Startup and gain a higher customer base, then you should first focus more on increasing your brand visibility. Without working on the stuff that helps you increase your brand awareness and visibility, there is no point in expecting business growth.

There are so many paths that you can follow to increase your brand visibility both offline and online. 

Comparatively with all the methods, in the social media-influenced era, I recommend marketing your business products and services via social media platforms as one of the best methods to increase brand visibility in 2023 and beyond.

Do not underestimate the power of social media, if you follow the strategies in the right way, you can grow your startup in a quick time.

Also, with the availability of professional social media management tools such as Social Champ, Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Agora Pulse, and Sendible, you can seamlessly post content on different social media channels and skyrocket your brand visibility and grow your startup.

Apart from social media marketing strategies, there are a few other working methods as well.

So, in this blog post, let’s discuss a few effective working practices that you can follow to increase brand visibility and grow your startup.

8 Best Methods to Increase Brand Visibility and Grow Startup Businesses

1. Be Active on Social Media

Almost 75 percent of people from the worldwide population are active most of the time on social media platforms, but those are people who spend their time on entertainment stuff like exploring pictures, videos, sports, memes, news, Gossip, celebrities, etc.

But, what I want to point out here is, you should engage more on social media to promote your business using several marketing strategies easily with the help of social media management tools or even manually.

If you have social media accounts and pages on different platforms, frequently connect with your audience by communicating with them for their queries.

When so much communication is found on your accounts and pages, your account will get more exposure and of course, you can gain new audiences on a regular basis.

2. Create a Blog and Publish Content on the Blog

As I said, apart from social media, there are even some other effective methods that you can try in 2023 to increase brand visibility. One of its kind is content marketing.

Content marketing has the huge potential to increase brand visibility and grow your startup organically. 

If you have a business website, you need to create a blog page on your website and publish content on a daily basis on the blog page. The content should be related to your business terms and keywords.

When the content (blog post) you published gets rankings on Google’s top search results, your brand visibility automatically gets increased.

3. Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid advertising is always worth trying and works quicker than free promotions. 

If you are willing to invest a fair amount for paid social media advertising, then possibly you can get your brand visible to many in a short span, and this way, your startup will grow.

Facebook and Instagram ads are effective options when it comes to paid social media advertising. You can create ad copies that convert and publish them on different social media channels and gain client base, queries and orders as well.

Creating ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not so costly. 

So, with a minimum budget, you can reach more people in your business niche, and increase the visibility of your business brand.

4. Post Content on Social Media that Grabs Audience Attention

To gain social media followers on your social media business accounts and pages, you should post content regularly.

Always, create content that grabs viewers’ attention. In order to do so, you should create visually good-looking images, infographics, videos, etc., which convert into sales than usual text posts.

To post all your business content manually to different social media accounts is not at all a simple task. It demands your time. In such a case, you can make use of social media management tools and schedule your publishing works via the tool.

The social media management tools take care of the rest and publish content on your social media channels as per what you have scheduled. You too can try social media management tools and get the automation benefits of the tool and make your social media content posting tasks easier.

5. Running a Contest on Social Media

One of the attractive methods that you should try is running a contest on your social media account and requesting your followers to participate in the contest.

For the contest winner, announce an attractive prize. It may be any of your business products or services. So, this way, you can get engaged with your existing followers and attract new customers to participate in your social media contest.

People love participating in contests and winning prizes. Also, your contest will get a high number of shares which it means, the way of promoting your business helps your brand reach wider audiences and gain visibility.

6. Try the Influencer Marketing Strategy to Increase Brand Visibility

Influencer marketing in recent times grabbed marketers’ attention as many marketers used to follow influencer marketing strategies and believe it does create a lot of impact in their startup growth.

Influencer marketing is when you should contact an influencer in your field and ask him/her to promote your business products or services via their social media profiles by the form of Instagram/Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, Whatsapp Status, stories, etc…

Influencers already have gained millions of followers, so when you reach such a person to promote your brand, it will reach many and your brand visibility will get good authority and more people come to know about the existence of your brand.

Influencer marketing strategy obviously demands your investment. Depending on the influencer you approach, the price may vary. But, it’s worth trying in 2023.

7. Offer Freebies

Who doesn't love to avail freebies? 

Offering freebies is one of the trickiest marketing strategies handled by many popular brands to increase their client baAfterwardsward, the brands target those who applied for freebies in their upcoming campaigns or email newsletters with their offers, new launches, and more.

So, you can offer your audiences some attractive freebies and in return, you can collect their emails and contact numbers to create a customer database. With the database, you can promote your services and products whenever you get something new or interesting in your business.

8. Offer Points for Every Purchase your Audiences Made

Another attractive way to attain more of an audience base and grow your startup is by offering your customers a set of points.

Whenever someone makes a purchase of a product or service in your store, offer the customers points. Just make the option of the points earned by your customers can be converted into rewards, discounts, or even cashback offers. This way, you can attract more buyers as you may have already heard about the concept.

One of the popular kitchen appliance stores called MyBorosil follows the same strategy and earns a good client base. If you check their website, you can see BoroPoints. So, whenever a user makes a purchase, then he/she will earn BoroPoints, later the points earned can be seamlessly used for different actions.


The higher your brand gets visibility, the quicker your startup gets growth. The above-listed methods are effective and worth trying to increase your brand visibility.

As I already stated, trying paid promotions are always more worthwhile than free marketing strategies. But at the same time, you can’t skip the free promotional strategies as it also works to gain you a high number of followers.

I hope you enjoyed all eight methods to increase brand visibility and grow startups. If so, let me know which of the methods impressed you the most. 

Sharing is Caring

Do not forget to share the blog post. 

I strongly believe that requesting for sharing content with your audiences is even one of the best practices to grow a startup and increase brand visibility. So, to increase this particular content visibility, I am requesting you share as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is brand visibility important?

If your brand is not in a position that does not get visibility to others, then who knows your brand and who will buy products or services from your brand? So, in order to keep on growing your business to the next level, brand visibility is highly important.

  1. How do you increase brand visibility on social media?

You should be active more on your business social media accounts, and post content between very frequent intervals. It cannot be done manually. The easier option is to handle such tasks with the help of social media management tools. This way you can increase brand visibility on social media platforms.

  1. What helps startups grow?

Focusing more on increasing your brand visibility and brand awareness would definitely help startups grow. But, there are some effective methods that you should stick with, instead of trying every other available method. You may make use of the above-listed 8 brand visibility-increasing methods to grow startups.

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