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Christina Milian 29 July 2022
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Lead Nurturing Emails to Increase Sales in 2022

In the business world, lead nurturing is having healthy communication with leads frequently. It results in mutual understanding, trust, and sales increase. Because, if you take care of your customer, they would take care of you (acquire your product or service).

This is why businesses have a lead nurturing strategy as one of their top marketing strategies. Check the below graph, to understand the popular marketing strategies:

As you can see in this graphical representation, lead nurturing is the third most popular marketing strategy among marketers. And the reason is evident. Leads are humans with emotions.

If you follow a planned lead nurturing process, and show them how your product or service would elevate their business, they’d be easily converted. As marketers want a result-oriented marketing strategy, they’d be integrating lead nurturing strategy more often in the process.

A quote by Anthony Iannarino, sales leader and international speaker reflects the usefulness of the lead nurturing process:

It’s about caring enough to create value for customers. If you get that part right, selling is easy.”

Companies that leverage lead nurturing tactics, build up a sales pipeline with 50% more ready leads.

Isn’t that great? In the current B2B scenario, where converting high-end leadsat the targeted time is challenging,this tactic is a boon.

In this blog, we’d discuss about lead nurturing emails that have proven to be one of the most effective tactics for the lead nurturing process:

Thanking Them Gracefully

Reciprocation builds up a strong bond. When the other person feels they are valued,it’s most likely they would maintain the relationship.

So, design your email content tactfully so that the customer gets the message of your genuine intent. Find the below example of a thankyou email, that acts as a lead nurturing email:

InfusionSoft Thank you page

This lead nurturing email is a wonderful example;it addresses the pain points of B2B businesses, i.e, converting leads. You can see the message,“ Infusionsoft helps 125,000 small business professionals capture, convert…..”

 Isn’t it like two businesses having an interaction?

People like to discuss and hear about things of common interest. So, such content would strike the right chord with recipients. Besides that, you can see the marketer going one step further and including the message, “sign up for a free live demo.”

Most importantly, the marketer has gathered personal information of the lead-his email address. It would be added to the database for future references and marketing purposes(lead nurturing process).

Presenting Emails with Beautiful Visuals and Colours

Our eyes are programmed to look at beautiful things a bit longer than unattractive ones!

Don’t we all agree this statement? Of course, yes.

So, as a marketer, you should leverage this human nature to reap benefits for your organization. Develop lead nurturing emails with stunning visuals and pleasing colors, just as you can see in the below example:

JetBlue Email lead nurturing example

As you can see in the image, the marketer has designed email with sophisticated visuals. The blue and white color is soothing to eyes and ample information about the brand 'JetBlue' just grabs the attention of the reader. The marketer has used innovative tactics to display the profile of the organization, which is in the tabular format- the name, birthdate, and others of the organization..

The reader finds it interesting like someone introducing themself.

The information presented in a visual format, is easy to understand with a single look. The lead who might not be interested, would also be motivated to read at least once and change their mind. And this is because the email clearly shows that the organization really cares about their customer and has implemented the slogan “customer first” in their process.

Designing Personalized Email

This tactic would never go out of fashion as personalized emails connect with the audience on a deeper level. Prospects get the vibes that marketers really know what they want.

But it isn’t an easy task. You need to understand the absolute needs of prospects. Just as parents meet the needs of a child by interpreting their babble, businesses have to understand the needs of their prospects by connecting the dots from each customer touchpoints.

In this email, you can see a customer abandoning the shopping cart. This is the touchpoint from where the interaction between the lead and email marketer commences. 

The first statement is, “complete your purchase.” The email includes reasons to purchase the brand online. The email marketer subtly motivates the recipient to purchase a product, which is called lead nurturing (Selling process with lots of patience). 

This email is also one of the useful examples of email personalization, where the marketer executes the tactic to convert the prospect into a customer by tracking the point where the customer abandons the shopping cart. You can say the customer was traced at the right time for nurturing through email personalization.

Wishing Great Holidays to Your Leads

The festive season or holidays gives you the right opportunity for converting a lead. This is the time when prospectscelebrate festivals with their families and friends. Now, when you reach out to them at that time, you become a part of the huge celebration.It is a subtle marketing process, where you get the chance of having a friendly conversation with your lead.

Find the below example, which sets the mood for festive season:

Kate Spade Seasonal Email

This example is perfect with the message, “We wish you, your family, your friends…” The prospects would find itpleasing as you’re wishing their entire social circle.

As a marketer, you should remember content that evokes friendly emotions would perform better than others. And mostly when you mention personal relationships in email content, it would garner more attention.

Because you can only send these emails during festive season, you have to keep your calendar ready to shoot out emails at right time. The crucial feature of holiday lead nurturing email is that they are less salesy which makes recipients happy as no one would like emails that are pushing their product or service to customers.

Benefits of Lead Nurturing Emails

  • You build a good rapport with your prospects, who could connect to your brand’s message.
  • You get the right return on investment at the targeted time.
  • You build a strong identity of yourself, motivating leads to go further down the sales pipeline.
  • You send useful information on your product or service at precise intervals.
  • You keep communication open, till the time prospects are converted. 
  • You get to know your customers profoundly.
  • You add a human touch to your emails that is just not about selling but maintaining the relationship with customers for a longer time.


Lead nurturing develops a sense of belonging and prospects gradually become emotionally attached to your brand. Further, whenever they require a product or service offered by your business, your brand remains on top of their minds.

As per a statistic, 35% of B2B marketers have already established a lead nurturing strategy.

So, every business should implement the lead nurturing strategy effectively.

This blog would guide you with some of the best hacks to design lead nurturing emails. It would significantly facilitate better communication and sales increase.

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