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Mayur Panchal 21 February 2022
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Top 10 Social Media Sites and Apps For 2022 and Beyond

Here’s a list of the best social media websites and mobile apps you must consider prior to your plan for social media application development or forming your marketing strategy.

The whims of evolving digital marketing trends have triggered industry leaders to make a shift from traditional platforms to social media sites and apps for marketing purposes. There are numerous social media sites out there, that are considered as the widely preferred marketing tactic. 

Users’ search engine history is booming with ‘how to make a social media app’ and ‘social media application development’ evidence to the role of social media across industries. From being a prime entertainment medium to being a crucial marketing platform, social media sites and apps have emerged as a means to create a brand’s digital identity.

They help companies create a digital presence and reach numerous people effectively. Increased use of social media has also influenced developers to think of how to make a social media app that engages more people. 

Knowing the essence of social media, you should always target the right social networking sites. You can make it possible by having a firm, optimized marketing strategy. The easy-to-follow tips to pick out the appropriate set of social media websites are: 

  • Know your target audience
  • Find their social media app usage 
  • Research the sites and apps that suits best for your product/service
  • Mark the platforms used by your competitors 
  • Adapt that checklists all your needs

10 Best Social Media Sites and Apps

Here’s a list of the best social media sites and apps you must consider prior you plan on social media application development or forming your marketing strategy. 

1. Facebook

With 2.89 Billion active users, Facebook is one of the biggest social networks globally. From the year it was founded in 2004 till today, this social media app has always topped the list of trending platforms.

Whether it be making new friends online or performing promotional activities, the app covers a lot of benefits. The recently launched feature, Facebook reels and stories grab the attention of users to the app.

The user-friendly UI design and algorithms used in the app sparks content, invite conversations and engage more users effectively. Don't think twice about using Facebook as a key marketing means to reach your audience easily.

Users per month: 2.89 billion

Rating: 4.2


  • Connect and make friends
  • Media sharing
  • Join/create groups
  • Events search option
  • Page creation
  • Business promotion
  • Live videos/reels/stories
  • Games

2. YouTube

Which social media app do you approach for learning any process, getting product reviews, or attaining tutorials? YouTube is what hits our minds immediately.

The fact might surprise you that YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine. This application is mainly for uploading video content. To market your content via YouTube, you can create a channel and share videos that interest the target audience most.

The well-defined algorithms of this networking site identify your interests and offer recommendations accordingly. Once your channel gets enough recognization and you have gained loyal subscribers, you can also place Ads and generate higher revenue. 

Users: 2 billion

Rating: 4.3


  • Watch/share videos
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Ads 

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a widely used social media app for messaging purposes. The fact that SMS has a 98% open rate, WhatsApp has a huge potential for marketing purposes. You need a user’s mobile number to share your content.

Further, you can also create an account for WhatsApp business, have a company profile, add a catalog, automate messages, and more. Initially, the app was used just for networking purposes, however, it has now changed to a marketing platform. It has an encryption feature that ensures firm security and privacy. 

Users: 1.5 billion

Rating: 4.3


  • Message/photo/video sharing 
  • Share locations, contacts, and voice recordings
  • Custom chat wallpaper 
  • WhatsApp pay
  • Auto-delete functions
  • Hide last seen, status, and profile picture
  • Message read/delivered report

4. Instagram

Instagram is a well-known social media app where you can share photos, videos, stories, reels, and live videos. It features an IGTV option for sharing long videos. It also has numerous filters and kinds of music that interests users. To reach the target audience at large, you can use appropriate hashtags. 

Users: 1.38 billion

Rating: 4.5


  • Photos/video sharing
  • share media with friends
  • Filters and music
  • Enter location

5. Pinterest

Pin your creative thoughts and engaging stories on your personal boards. You can simply upload your ideas and promote the business effectively.

It covers fashion ideas and helps you get fitness tips, find home decor designs, avail yourself of interior decor ideas, and more. You can surf, find ideas, pin them or save them, file as per topics, and share them over different platforms with others.

Users: 478 million

Rating: 4.6


  • Explore topics
  • Collaborate with networks
  • Get absorbing ideas
  • Organize your feed with pins and people you admire

6. TikTok

TikTok gained massive momentum in the social media industry by allowing users to create and share video content. It is a video-based social networking service that hosts a multitude of videos having a time limit of 15 seconds to 3 minutes.

The firmly developed algorithms keep track of users’ actions and activities, and forms feed accordingly. It is built with extensive music library tracks over which users can shoot/act and share with the networks. 

TikTok is the first-ever social media app that became a viral phenomenon in the very short term. It boasts millions of users and hence gives businesses a marvelous opportunity to market their content. 

Users: 1 billion

Rating: 4.4


  • Create/share videos
  • A suite of trending music
  • Live feature, post having 1000 followers

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the well-known job posting site fulfills all flagship features to lie under the best social media sites and apps category. You can avail numerous opportunities to find the best matches for your employment needs.

From having a tag of job search platform to now known as one of the most trending social networking platforms, LinkedIn has evolved to meet users’ needs. 

It is highly accepted among B2B businesses for marketing as well as hiring purposes. 

Companies can have a digital image on the platform and attain potential talent in their niche succeedingly. LinkedIn features a wide array of functions allowing users to make posts, share articles, use hashtags, attach links, gain expert opinions, find connections, and more.

Users: 740 million

Rating: 4.4


  • Expert insights
  • Job posting site
  • Create a profile, highlight skills
  • Keep track of industry trends
  • Create pages, build a brand image
  • Post blogs/articles

8. Twitter

The microblogging platform that allows users to post text with up to 140 characters (may vary according to country) has substantial engagement rates. People use Twitter to share their opinions, raise their voice or give informative messages to the audience. If drafted clearly, the Twitter posts have many capabilities to engage increased users. 

Since its launch, Twitter has continued to be a functional source for valuable insights from experts around the globe. From politicians and celebrities to top leaders and CEOs, you can get opinions from worldwide. It covers a range of topics including politics, entertainment, news, sports, health, and more. 

Users: 397 million

Rating: 4.4


  • Key source to get trending information
  • A tweet of 140 characters or less
  • Open platform to share your viewpoints
  • Media sharing
  • Allows repost
  • Get followers and communicate with friends

9. Telegram

From educational content to media networks and entertainment groups, you can join any channel as per your interests and avail information at an ease. It is an instant texting platform that comes with interesting stickers and easy functionalities. Telegram has a broad number of users as it offers utmost security to the users. 

This messaging social media app also allows users to download large size movies and to share huge files/media content. The feature of allowing users to transfer big files interests most of the customers as it is not present in other apps.

You can share files up to 2 GB via Telegram. Social networking apps like WhatsApp and Instagram limit sharing large size media. For marketing purposes, companies can have one on one support by creating chatbots, broadcasting marketing messages to multiple subscribers. 

Users: 550 million

Rating: 4.5


  • Transfer big files
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Convenient functionalities
  • User-friendly UI design
  • Informative source
  • Enhanced security 
  • No frustration caused by Ads
  • Subscribe to channels, stay informed

10. Messenger

Facebook messenger has been ruling the social media industry much before any giants like WhatsApp or Snapchat came to the market. Initially, it was known as Facebook chat that was launched in 2008. Two years later, realizing its wide usage and massive acceptance, Facebook reintroduced it as ‘Facebook Messenger.”

With this app, you can connect with your friends instantly, even without having an active Facebook account. It shows active status or last seen of the friends. Although it ranks beyond WhatsApp, it is still considered a convenient networking platform by many. 

Users: 1.3 billion

Ratings: 4.2


  • Media sharing
  • Audio/video calls
  • Location sharing
  • Texts and audio messages
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