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Nara N 23 December 2022
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How VR and AR May Change Social Media in the Near Future

Social media as we know it now may not exist in the near future, developing and becoming something entirely different because of technologies like AR, VR, AI, etc.

It's better to know the upcoming trends and prepare accordingly. This statement is especially vital for business owners, influencers, and marketing specialists. So, what do you need to know? Check below πŸ‘‡

Deeper Implementation of AR

Although many social media platforms already have integrated AR, in the near future, it will be implemented in every aspect of social media, changing the requirements of the target audience, who will expect more engaging, creative, and interactive content. For business owners, it's crucial to start preparing for these changes and have a backup digital marketing plan. So, what changes to expect:

Closer Interactions and Relationships

AR will bring people closer and create tight relationships between brands and their followers or target market. More client-oriented companies will win this war as social media users expect more transparency and attention from their favorite brands. 

New Forms of Content

Big social media platforms are coming up with new AR-based advertising options that can bring more interactiveness and raise post engagements. In this new era, the content on social media will be delivered in a 3D format powered by AR. 

Buyers Behavior Changes

Because of the new format of AR ads and posts, buyers' behavior may drastically change, which is okay. They may become more impulsive and make faster buying decisions under the influence of the moment as they can closely see products they want to buy from different angles. Social media specialists must be aware of this to use this to their advantage.

Competition Between Old and New Generation

There will be tough competition because of the broad implementation of AR. Millennials and Gen Z will be more prepared and open to new ideas and changes than the older generation, leaving many brands and companies out of business.


How Will VR Affect Social Media?

It's hard to predict how soon VR will change social media. Some experts go further and predict that social media as we know it now will simply not exist. Although it's just a prediction, no one can be sure. But what is apparent is that VR will completely change the social media environment.

Social Media Becoming a Metaverse

Although many are skeptical about the Metaverse, and some people are already saying that it's dead, let's not agree with that for now. So, what is the Metaverse, and how may it affect social media? Metaverse is a virtual reality where you can live in a digital world, go to work, own a house, become a businessman, find friends and socialize.

Currently, Metaverse is associated mainly with gaming (do you remember the movies Tron or Ready Player One), but lately, more brands are investing in Metaverse (Microsoft, Nike, Gucci, Disney, Hyundai, etc.). 

Social VR

It can be that instead of becoming an extension of the Metaverse, social media platforms will create a new digital world. In this new world, people can use VR headsets to interact with each other, throw parties, visit their favorite stores, and check the products they want to buy in real life.

This will allow the buyers to interact with brands and experience almost real life impressions closely. This is a significant trend that can help business owners reach engagements that aren't possible in current social media channels.

Emerging VR Social Media Platforms

VR technologies implementation will allow new brands to enter the industry with new solutions, technologies, and offers that the old channels don't have. This is a great business opportunity for people who are confident enough to invest in emerging technologies and trends. Let's wait and see how the roles will shift.

Virtual Social Platforms Full of Real Emotions

Virtual social media platforms will allow people to express and interpret emotions better. When using chats to interact, it's challenging to understand people's reactions, the tone of their voice, or feelings if we don't see their facial expressions or hear their voices.

The same goes for brand-client interaction when even the slightest typo or misunderstanding can affect the brand's reputation. Besides, it's easier not to take into account feelings as we don't see the other party in the conversation as a "real person." So, VR may help to settle all possible misunderstandings.

New Reality, New Opportunities

In the new VR world, people can become whoever they want: choose their appearance and abilities, start a new career, etc. And this development will allow brands to offer new services or better understands their target market. 

Saving Memories

Many people use social media as a virtual diary to save the most important moments of their life by posting videos, images, reels, stories, etc. Now, imagine that you can go back and relieve the exact moment over and over again; even in old age, this will help people to remember and live in these moments. 

Dangers of Virtual Social Media

All above mentioned is very exciting, but before moving to this exciting new world, social media platforms must come up with stringent rules, have very tight online security systems and protect not only the personal data of their users but also be able to protect them from any virtual crimes, harassment, cyberbullying, etc.

Let's also remember about the environment and come up with solutions that will not harm nature even more.

Summing it all Up

The digital world is changing rapidly, and social media, being a massive part of it, can't stay behind. A new reality will create a unique environment for social media channels and users; the Metaverse may replace social media or become a social VR.

As with everything new, there will be people/brands who will not like the new world or resist the changes, but those who are aware of trends will always be one step ahead. Will it be a good change or not? Only the time will show.

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