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james jones 1 September 2022

Four of the Best Ways to Improve Your Rankings on Google

Everyone knows that the Google ranking system has a number of factors that influence your position on the list. Due to the frequency in which Google changes its requirements, there is always a new way for you to reach the top. 

There is not just one way to improve your ranking, you must use a combination of techniques to pass your competitors. In the end it takes persistence and dedication to improve your ranking, and it will take longer than just one days work. 

The algorithm for Google does change ever so often, but there are some constant factors that do not. Having a strong SEO foundation for your website is a huge factor, there are companies like GR0, who specialize in organic growth.The use of repeating keywords or phrases impact your site as well. Expanding your content length and tracking your metrics help you improve your rankings through Google also. 

Lastly, figure out your current Google rank, knowing where you currently are will help you understand what you have to do to rise to the top. There is a ton of information that we must get through so let's get started. 

Is Your Site SEO Optimized?

Having your site SEO optimized is one of the most proven ways of improving your rankings on Google. It increases your website significantly and can in turn, convert those new viewers into potential customers. 

It is important to start with your page's content. Having relevant content on your page is crucial for increasing your search engine ranking. Having weeks and months old content without updates or new posts will defeat the whole purpose of increasing your rank. 

A company like GR0 is a great example of organic growth by using SEO practices through numerous methods. Content writing, performance PR, and on-page optimization are the services they provide. A company like this is primed to increase your Google ranking all on one site. 

Google has a strong algorithm and can tell when one site has updated content. Having additional content written about your site or products also is a plus. Use blogging sites to link toward your website for a chance at new traffic to your site. 

Strong Keywords/Phrases

Keywords are another main source for search optimization. You should think of your customers or viewers when deciding your keywords. Each page on your site should have a separate keyword that is specific for that page. 

The more keywords you have that match what the people are searching for will boost your rating. It is important to check out your competitors keywords as well. If that company is doing better than you, see what words or phrases they are using and take advantage of it. 

Use the keywords they are using and try to make strategic phrases out of those words. 

There are web tools that allow you to keep an eye on your competitors keywords and phrases, it may require a membership but can be well worth it. 

Should I Expand My Content Length?

Having updating content on your site is important, but that is not the only factor you should consider. The length of your content can also contribute to where your Google rankings are. 

As stated, the algorithm Google uses does change and the factors that affect your ranking. The goal is to keep potential customers on your page as long as possible. To do this you must have engaging and readable content. 

Having a website with great readability is the key to keeping people on the site longer. The algorithm can tell when people are on and off your site in under a minute. Longer formed content allows you to connect more backlinks which considerably improves your search ranking. Short form content can vary from 800 to 1,000 words, long form content is 1,000 or more. 

Track Your Metrics / Know Where You Stand 

It was discussed earlier in the article that you can track the competitors keywords and phrases. It is important to keep track of your competitors but it is also important to track your own metrics. 

There is organic traffic and non-organic traffic so it is important to keep track of both. What you want to focus on most is organic traffic. Organic traffic effects are longer lasting and will help your business in the long run. Organic gets you traffic quicker, but costs more. 

Make sure you have a Google Analytics profile set up for your site. This keeps track of how many visitors you gain. Using Google Analytics can do more than keep track of visitors. It can also identify trends, collect data, and monitor patterns that may be crucial for your growth. 

To gain growth you have to know where you stand on the rankings. Like Google Analytics there are sites that can tell you this. Not only can they tell you where you currently stand, they can tell you how your backlinks are doing and if your organic keywords are producing the traffic you want. 


It is no surprise that every company wants to improve their google ranking, but some companies have still failed to figure out how. Due to the everchanging algorithm and rules you must follow it is not an easy task. 

Starting off with a few ways to improve your rankings is a start and can eventually get you to that top spot. Making sure your site is optimized in SEO techniques, with the use of strong keywords and phrases is important. Whether you are using companies like GR0 or other representatives. 

Making sure that your content is at a reasonable length and has great readability can give you an extra boost. Lastly, track your metrics by using Google Analytics and other online tools to figure out your current Google rank. This is only the first step in making it to the top of Google’s search engine.

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