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Awais Rizwan 26 April 2022
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6 Best Platforms to Sell Your Wholesale and Retail Products Online In 2022

If you want to extend your business and increase its revenue generation then you should sell your product through different online platforms. In order to be as marketable as you can you have to find out the best online selling platforms for your business.

Benefits of Selling on Ecommerce Platforms

It is notable that today online buyers prefer to buy from ecommerce platforms. These days customers directly search for their desired product on Amazon, instead of searching it through Google they directly go to Amazon because they know that they will get results on Amazon according to their requirements.

You can check it now just by going to your browser and searching for 'buy beauty products' and then you will get numerous results on the search page which will show that the page is fully occupied with multi sellers’ platforms. Conventional stores are vanishing. They are not appealing to buyers anymore as well as to the sellers, they have slowed down the process of revenue generation.

Every online selling platform has its own pre-requisites, categories of products, charges of listing, and particular audiences. To identify the best online selling platforms, you have to do some prior research which is essential to make the right decision at right time. To help you get to the conclusion, below is a list of the 5 best platforms and their comprehensive descriptions from which you can choose to sell your product online.

  • E-worldTrade
  • SeeBiz
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Etsy
  • Flipkart

1. E-worldTrade


E-WorldTrade is one of the swiftest emerging online wholesales B2B platforms with incredible features. It is specially developed for traders to exceed global levels and achieve new milestones.

They provide all essential features to the buyers and sellers that allow them to develop a better profile of their business with the purpose to extend it across the globe. They created a user-friendly portal that encourages users to connect with each other quickly within no time.

E-WorldTrde assists your business to achieve unparalleled heights. It is not a general B2B website, but it aims to provide maximum profits to its buyers and sellers. They provide one-stop solutions for your businesses at a minimal cost.

2. SeeBiz


Are you looking to buy or sell products in bulk? As a B2B wholesale marketplace in the USA, Seebiz gives businesses access to 650,000+ high-quality products from 1000+ verified vendors, distributors, and wholesalers. With Seebiz’s huge selection of products and brands, you can find the perfect product or supplier to meet your business needs today!

The way Seebiz works is simple. Vendors can sell products in bulk to businesses, and businesses can buy these items at a better rate than they could by buying retail. Because of SeeBiz's high-volume purchasing options, consumers get deals on products they may not have been able to find anywhere else while vendors have access to a large range of buyers who will buy their goods.

For everyone involved, it’s a win-win situation.

3. Amazon


The biggest advantage of selling through Amazon is that you can get access to the giant platform with over 100 million prime members. When you start selling on Amazon multiple factors should be taken into consideration but most importantly you need to figure out which selling plan is best suitable for your business.

For third-party sellers, Amazon’s individual selling plan is best suitable for those who want to get started immediately. In case you have products in categories like art etc., then you have to apply to get permission and must get a professional plan.

4. Walmart


Selling through Walmart can give you numerous benefits. First, you will get access to 400 million + buyers who visit Walmart by themselves. Walmart charges commission fees only. There are no additional initial, annual, or monthly charges. If you feel that your product would be a great asset to Walmart’s portfolio of products then you have to fill out Walmart’s initial application form to get started.

5. Etsy


Etsy is the world’s most famous online buying and selling platform for handmade items. It has a strong bonding with its clients who are faithful to this platform and value ecommerce ethics. Initially, Etsy was just for veteran artists to sell their handmade items and also vintage items.

As of now it has a separate community of buyers and sellers and puts maker-developed products on its portfolio, but only for a few specific and verified accounts. Etsy focuses on maintaining relations with new sellers that would work for them in the long term.

In general, this platform is solely made for artists, and for creative minds. It does not entertain tech-savvy and experienced business profiles. Etsy is the best platform in case you are an artist who wants to sell your art or an art lover who wants to buy some creative piece of handcrafted art. Most importantly it has affordable products listed in its e-store.

6. Flipkart


Flipkart is the online buying and selling platform in India, covering a large part of the Indian ecommerce market share. Also considered to be the biggest competitor of Amazon in India. Initially, it began as an E-bookshop and now it has transformed into a large scale in one ecommerce platform.

On Flipkart, a wide range of products are available ranging from cosmetics and grocery items to electronics and books and so on. If you want to sell on Flipkart then you must know that it charges a commission amount from the seller for every transaction that totally depends on the product category and sub-category.

Flipkart would be the best option in case you want to enter the Indian ecommerce market and voice your product in India. As of now, Flipkart belongs to Walmart and is continuously increasing its product range.

Ending Statement:

Now you might have an idea that there is no specific platform suitable for any specific product, market, or place. Few platforms target the audience of a specific region but they also work globally, while others only focus on a specific region and do not work all over the world.

Still, there are numerous platforms that specifically help Asian markets to grow. The best way to choose your desired platform for online buying and selling those better fits to achieve your business goals is to do comprehensive and detailed research about all the platforms which you are taking into consideration.

By doing this you will enter into several markets places at the same time. Analyze the platform you have chosen, whether it is helpful for you or not. Leave the platforms if it does not fit your business on an immediate basis and get more focused on platforms that generate greater revenue for your business.

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