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webmob technologies 17 September 2021

Top 7 Benefits of DevOps for Business Growth

DevOps is an emerging technology service that helps in developing a seamless application. It ensures that an organization is able to increase its productivity, streamline the workflow, reduce time, and deliver a qualitative service. It also minimizes the cost of the software development lifecycle.

DevOps is not a goal, but a never-ending process of continual improvement - Jez Humble

The modern market is all about agile methodologies when it comes to software development. One of the software movements taking a leap of faith is DevOps. Businesses have started considering this development method for better interdisciplinary, small teamwork, and automation in achieving common goals.


Intriguing Statistics About DevOps 

  • The global DevOps market is said to reach $17.8 Billion by 2026. Such statistics show the rapid evolution of it as an indispensable element of the enterprise IT strategy. The constant growth also points towards the ability to help organizations deliver quality solutions faster and more reliable than before. 
  • The global acceptance of DevOps technology is at an upsurge and is considered to grow at a CAGR of 22.9% for the forecast period of 2020-2027. The COVID-19 pandemic leads the market towards rapid software development. 
  • 86% of the developers agreed on the importance of quick development and release when it comes to new software in production.
  • 22% of organizations have reached an advanced stage of DevOps with a high-security level and precision of developing fine quality applications.

These global DevOps statistics, surely have boosted and grabbed your attention towards the working pattern. DevOps tools address varied in efficiencies across the software development cycle. It enables enterprises to standardize and automate the movement along with the deployment of code across other environments. The tools, also enable developers to work in a continuous loop with a shorter response and continuous user feedback.


Now, What Other Good Does DevOps Bring to the Table?

Startups and organizations are inclining towards DevOps tools as it enhances productivity, streamlines the workflow, reduces time, and delivers better qualitative service. It also minimizes the cost associated with a software development lifecycle.


Before doing any further due, let’s get straight into the other solutions that are provided by DevOps software development. How does it actually help in increasing speed and acknowledge improvements in the traditional working patterns? Let’s have a look at these benefits.

What Problems Does DevOps Solve? What are the Benefits?

Coexistence and teamwork

DevOps helps in accelerating the market and meeting every requirement of the customer. It enables IT Ops to work in a cross-functional agile team, along with greater efficiency, and recovery from failures. 

Majorly, DevOps focuses on reducing latency in the development cycle. A developer is able to automate many of his development tasks which allow the continuous release of software in the market. It helps the organization to produce a seamless solution by providing the right environment and a modernized workflow setup.

In a non-DevOps business, there is a lack of coordination between the development and operations teams. It hampers the application development and release timeline which in turn interrupts the business growth. 

When both teams work together, the development and production happen in sync. It also manages the market timelines and code productivity. The teams also quickly fix the solution as and when required.

Increased productivity

The deployment teams had to wait too long when it came to the final stage of the operations. There was no proper production environment, which eventually led to slow processes and hampered overall productivity. Code tweaks take a long time to implement, and deployment frequency is low. That is something that no one desires! Using the DevOps mindset, the business is able to streamline development and operations. 

Quality of application

With this technological advancement, the teams get more innovating time. It helps in proficient inter-departmental communication. This automatically leads an organization towards continuous testing and producing high-quality fast-paced apps. The code changes are addressed well in advance for quick development changes and timely, qualitative deliverables. 

Accelerates value

DevOps aligns application development, which allows delivering a real and perceived value to customers. It makes organizations move ahead with timely updates which also helps in looking into core business processes and activities. 

More time to create and deliver services that are valuable to consumers means faster development and testing. It also enables them to provide a superior service and attention to the target audience. It raises the quality of both the product and the service.


You don't have to sacrifice quality for speed when you follow the DevOps mindset. This fusion of developers and cloud engineers provides the best of both worlds. One gets high-quality apps and code deployed quickly in the correct places. All of the bases are covered right away, with little or no waiting for production code modifications to be released.


The above table specifically shows the difference between the agile and DevOps development cycles. It is surely a wider and much more beneficial concept that is ready to boom the industry with ever-growing new software applications. This is a constant cycle of profitability.

The IT firms and businesses investing in the solution, both will be in a win-win situation. Thus, automatically it will also affect the economic condition of a country. Investing in DevOps today will give millennials many long-term benefits and potential growth. Adapt for such development tactics and witness the change for yourself. 

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