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5 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Store Must Have a Logo

Whenever you think of a brand, like Nike or Apple, what will instantly appear in your mind? Is that a pair of long-lasting shoes or a trendy, stylish phone? Probably, the most recognizable image that you unconsciously visualize is a brand logo.

Rather than just a random mark, a business logo is the most critical tool in your product promotion arsenal. That powerful symbol presents your business' identity, conveys the mission and functions as an emotional trigger to people's memory.

If employed correctly, that identity can effectively sell your brand to prospective clients. A small business logo poorly designed will definitely turn your customers off, and having none at all is even a bigger marketing mistake.

Today, we will find out some of the most convincing reasons why your eCommerce store should have a logo.

What is a Logo?


Before we look at the reasons why a logo is vital for your business, let's define what a logo is.

A logo refers to a graphic mark, emblem, symbol, or stylized name on company signs, paper, and advertisements, that helps customers identify your company quickly. The best logos offer more than simple identification: they also give customers a sense of your company's character and values.

Logos appear in two basic forms: abstract symbols (like the apple in Apple Computers) or logotypes and a stylized rendition of your company's name. The combination of both can be used at the same time.

Five Reasons why your Ecommerce Store must have a Logo

1. Get you Recognized

The first and most fundamental function of a logo is to earn customer's recognition. As the face of your company, the logo will be a tool that instantly differentiates your business brand with others.

Make sure that your logo should be simple and should not compete with other businesses. Any resemblance in your logo will cause branding confusion in customers.


In a competitive market place, when businesses of all types and scales are trying to enforce their visibility, having a powerful logo will help you gain much more than the simple presence. All the global players have a great logo for the sole purpose that it helps them take care of their competition effectively.

If you have not had your logo yet, you can try these logo maker softwares for free and get that logo created!

2. Reveals your Identity and Makes a Strong Impression

There is the fact that customers tend to associate the quality of logo design with the quality of your product. Therefore, how your logo looks like will significantly shape customers' conception about your brand. For example, as store owners, you want to make customers feel eager to come and eat at your restaurant, something like "I need to eat here".

Cooperation images that look professional and appealing will definitely work. But if your logo looks sloppy, your customers will think your food is sloppy, too. And they will take their dinner business elsewhere.

What are you about? Are you fun and casual? Traditional and trustworthy? Edgy and tech-forward? Colors, tones, fonts, all of these elements in the business logo will help to answer these questions and reveal your identity in the most simple but effective way.

Moreover, a logo is a great way to make an impression on your potential customers from the beginning. If designed well, it can pique the interest of the public and encourage them to learn more about the company.

3. Facilitates Brand Loyalty


The truth is many consumers are more likely to become loyal to a brand from their first impression. Therefore, you can build customer's loyalty and engagement at the first start with a carefully designed logo.

When your business expands, your logo will be easily recognized by different groups of consumers. It is the familiarity that creates the perception that your brand is trustworthy and accessible. Therefore, when customers need to choose products among a variety of options, they are likely seeking for your item, and the logo is the thing they will search for first.

4. Creates an Emotional Connection

While logos aim to bring instant brand recognition, there is a cleverly hidden messaging that a logo can convey emotional connection.

Logos are often the first thing that generates an emotional connection. If customers connect with your logo, they are inclined to remember your company. And if they have had good memories of your business, they are more likely to buy your products or services.

Remember, when people see your logo, it is their experience, their voice, and their taste they see.

Statistics show that:

  • 80%of consumers consider colors as a tool to boost brand recognition

  • 93 % of purchasing decisions are made based on visual perceptions

This is the reason why your small business needs a logo that is specially designed to draw a positive reaction from customers.

5. Proof of your Professionalism

Another benefit of logos is that they show the professional approach of your brand. In our modern society, potential consumers have acquired certain expectations. They expect a reliable and professional brand must have a logo that stands out.


By an eye-catching yet professional logo, you automatically stand out from the rest of the competitors that might have developed their design in a hurried fashion, failing to fully appreciate the value of brand development.


In a nutshell, a logo is a vital part of your business because it helps to gain recognition, make a good impression, enforce brand loyalty, create an emotional connection, and present your professionalism.

A beautiful and professional logo should be super clear, readable, and have something memorable. Also, think about using simple colors and the different situations that your logo will be used and use it consistently. The best way to get a logo is to have it professionally designed by graphic designers or logo design services. It may cost you a bit, but it is worth investing in. 

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