Umarah Hussain
Umarah Hussain 7 April 2021

The Ultimate Guide on Outreach for SEO

PR and outreach are a fundamental aspect of SEO and healthy backlinks. Here's how you should go about it.

Ever wondered how to go about carrying out SEO outreach to obtain better brand awareness and digital exposure? Look no further, here is the ultimate guide you need to switch up your strategy.

Outreach is a crucial part of SEO, since all you’re really doing is securing backlinks, however it’s not just as simple as that. To grow traffic organically, these links must be relevant, authoritative, trustworthy and overall quality links. 

Unsure where to start with your strategy? Here are some of the top ways we believe you can obtain backlinks, some of which are more time consuming than others.

Guest Posts

Searching for websites that allow you to write up quality content to publish on their website? This usually comes either at a cost or must be within a word count. If the site is happy with the work you’ve provided, generally they will submit it without a cost. However this is dependent on the site so be sure to check out their guidelines for more information.


Directories involve sifting through relevant, quality directories and adding your business information into the site. This helps to secure links as well as allowing potential customers to look for businesses like your own. 

Local Listings

Found that there’s a high demand for your service locally? Adding the business to local listings will help the same way in which directories would, except this is very localised. 

Expert Comments

Got a lot of advice to offer? Forums and expert comments and opinions are highly recommended as a good way to obtain backlinks. You can find tons online, it’s as easy as going to search for the topic you’re wanting to talk about.

The most quality backlinks are those that people want to click onto and read. If you take things like authority scores (which should probably be in mid-range) and relevancy as a focal point, you’re setting yourself up for success. However, it really isn’t as simple as reaching out to websites for a link. Relationship building is imperative. 

Google Search

There are some great ways you can obtain some suitable guest posting opportunities simply by heading over to Google. Try it yourself, here’s an example:

Search - “guest post”
Search - “write for us”
Search - “(whatever field you’re in) submit a guest post”

Contacting Websites

It’s always a good idea to follow a personalised, tailored approach to each website. This can then be changed up and tailored to suit each website as you write more. Try to create a template in which you can reach out to websites in your niche, which will help to quicken up the process every time. 

More often than not, personalisation works in your favour to get bloggers, websites and other sources to respond quicker. This in turn, creates you potential to pull in high quality backlinks to your content. If however, the source doesn’t get back to you after a good few weeks, it’s a good idea to follow up. This would remind them to respond to you, and if the response isn’t answered, take it as they’re not interested.

A good way to keep on top of this is to create a database of websites where you can begin compiling notes together so that everything is in one place. From there, you’ll be able to seek out which companies want to work with you and which don’t. You can then highlight the ones that are ready and willing to submit your posts. 

An amalgamation of backlinks on top of your current SEO strategy will bring you out on top as you’ll begin to focus on authority scores, only wanting to work with websites that are relevant and trustworthy. 

Struggling with getting your brand awareness that it deserves? Contact me from my profile details to help you tailor your approach today. 

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