Benjamin Ortiz
Benjamin Ortiz 22 June 2021

What are the Best Native Advertising Platforms in 2021?

Are you looking for the best native advertising platform? Native advertising is fast becoming the order of the day in the world of advertising. What makes it so unique that it's highly sought after? It's because of its advertising approach. 

It's described as an unobtrusive form of advertising because it doesn't disturb users' experience. Native ads appear in content without users even knowing it's an ad. It's the ability to blend in perfectly with the contents that make it outstanding. As such, it guarantees users a smooth experience on your site and it increases sales of your products.

The only way of recognizing a native ad is through the marking of sponsored ad inscribed at the top of the content. Right from its inception, it has proven to be effective. This caused the rising of many native advertising platforms.

Are you looking for the best native advertising platform

Are you looking to increase the sale of your products? 

Are you seeking the best native advertising platform? 

Well, you're on the right page. But permit me to break it to you that there's simply no overall best native advertising platform. Because of the competition among native advertising networks, they're all struggling to be the best. And as such, there's no best but there's a list of the best.   

For the sake of guiding you to choosing the best, This article will review the 3 best native advertising platforms and their features and leave you to pick your choice. Let's dive into the best 3 native advertising platforms there are in 2021.

3 Best Native Advertising Platforms in 2021

Below is the list of the top 3 native advertising platforms. Read each carefully and choose the one that suits your preference.


With this particular native advertising network, there's a surety that your content will get monetized because of its distinguishing feature called native video widget.

Views packs all the modern technology required to track, report and optimize. This network helps publishers advertise their products through display video ads and this increases the chances for high sales.

Views are highly sought after by big sites and companies for the advertisement of their products. With all these features, views can count as one of the best native advertising platforms in 2021.

2. MonadPlug

As stated earlier, many native advertising networks are striving to be the best and so it's hard to pick the best. Here's another network that's topping the list.

MonadPlug also adopts technologies for monetizing contents but this time it doesn't stop at one. It adopts different monetizing technologies and this is what distinguishes this network from other networks. 

It remains one of the best Native advertising platforms for publishers and advertisers alike. With this network, high-quality ads that allow for more sales and earn massive revenue is guaranteed.

Looking for the best native ad platform? MonadPlug is your best bet!

3. Ezmob

Although this network is Israel based, it serves many publishers and sites across the world. There's no audience this network can't capture because of the great monetizing technology it has in possession.

This network is another option on the list of best Native advertising platforms to choose from. It can be easily accessed with just a simple step assignment, choose your target audience, choose your type of ad and then you're good to go. They have different monetization options open to you like banner ads, popup ads, push notifications ads and native ads.

Of course, you'd choose native ads but that's telling that they specialize in more than just native advertising. This network remains a go-to network when looking for the best.

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