Powerful Facebook Video Ad Technique

A handful of guides that will help you to work on powerful Facebook ads. From discussing the point of your Facebook ads to adding the call to actions buttons, we have got your back. Undoubtedly, these tips and tricks will drive more engagement towards your post. Give them a try.

Are you looking to create a powerful, scroll-stopping, and engaging Facebook video ad for your brand? Sick and tired of losing all your money over some useless video ads? Then you have just tapped on the right place. From planning to developing some advanced campaign strategies here, you will navigate all the practical tips and tricks for your Facebook video ads. 

Instagram is good at advertising, but ever came across the Facebook video ads? Indeed, no digital marketer can neglect the fact that there is no power like Facebook Ads. Undoubtedly, Facebook users love to explore and watch streaming videos, and there jumps the idea of ad technique. Facebook video ads allow marketers to utilize this trend and make the most of it. We would love to assist you in heading towards this rising trend. 

According to research, over 1.25 billion people watch out for Facebook streams while watching videos. Facebook videos get multiple clicks, but they give marketers visionary freedom to advertise their brand and connect with the targeted audience. Facebook video ads are one of the effective ways to showcase your brand or product. 

Native Facebook videos are more engaging than YouTube, which can lead to more productive results. There is much more to disclose for the best Facebook video ad techniques, hop in to hit your ball in the park, and win the Facebook advertising game. 

Let’s roll. 

What are Facebook Ads? 


Ever noticed when you are watching a Facebook video, an ad pops up in the middle of your video. These video ads are sponsored and paid ad placement that consists of videos or images and pops up on different user’s Facebook screen locations. 

Also, you can either make your own Facebook video ads from scratch, or else you can revamp your existing post, which includes a Facebook video or an image, and run it as your ad.

Types of Facebook Ads

In-Feed Videos

Many of you may have been familiar with the in-feed video ads, as there is the one that pops up in the news feed just as you scroll, so these ads are in-feed video ads. 

Mini Commercial Ads

Not only news feed but there are so many other places where Facebook ads can appear just as in between the video, and these video ads are featured as mini commercials. These mini commercial video ads are only displayed on mobile devices after 60 seconds the main video plays. At first, 15 seconds of the mini commercial ad will need to play smoothly, and then the users can either watch it or skip it right away. 

Marketplace Ad

While you are scrolling or shopping on the Facebook market, you may notice some ads still appear there, and these ads are referred to as Facebook marketplace ads. 

Stories Ads 

When you are watching and swapping the stories, you may have witnessed Facebook ads there too. These are stories ads are full-screen vertical ads. If they are longer than 15 seconds, then these stories’ ads are split into two or more than two stories. 

Video Feed Ads

We all are familiar with video feed ads as these ads pop up when a user clicks on a video from the video feed, and an ad appears in the middle. These video ads display among the organic ones. 

Although Facebook video ads are an effective strategy to promote your brand, every part of a Facebook ad video has its job. 

How to Create Powerful Facebook Video Ads 

Facebook video ads are powerful ways to ensure people about your brand. You may have been wondering that Facebook videos are all about trends, but not about trends. Still, it’s an effective strategy to promote your product, engage your audience, and convert your website visitors into your customers. 

Firstly, you need to make sure that you give people what they want. While this is true, saying that Facebook ads are actually for gaining followers and boosting your sales, what if your ad isn’t worthy and easy to scroll past if it isn’t engaging.

To fix these minor cum massive failures in your Facebook ads, we have come with some powerful hacks and strategies that will blow up your Facebook ads. So sit back and scroll down and look over some practical strategies and fix your ads with these hacks. 

Try to be on Point

You may have crossed a long video while watching your favorite video, and that ad video annoys you, and you skip it right away. That’s where your Facebook ad video flops. Your ultimate goal is to attract the audience towards your brand and not annoy them at all. But surely, these long video ads can annoy any user and let him skip it off. 

According to research, 80% of Facebook users can only watch shorter ad videos than long ones. The longer the video, the more chances that users will skip your video easily.  

So, try to keep your videos shorter, engaging, and the most important thing that your videos must be on point, meaning they deliver or convey the big point message. Insanely long videos with no sense can only drop off your video strategy and fail. 

Advertise Videos that Works Smoothly

Thinking which ad videos work out well organically on Facebook? Which videos have the power to drive high engagement, or what does your targeted audience love to watch? These are the questions that could run in your mind before you are on track to run your Facebook ad video.

So before you go for it, you need to look out for some metrics, including your video’s engagement and play rate. The most crucial thing just steps here. You need to determine all the worthy ad videos and put your money behind them. 

Focus on Grabbing Attention 


Although Facebook empowers our ad video to autoplay, your ad video must be engaging and worthy enough in content so that no user can easily skip it off. Try to get your first three or four main points in the first seconds just to make your odds better. 

Another way to grab your audience’s attention is to keep them engaging with the things you have good command over, such as telling them a good story or conveying a beautiful message by your ad. Try to engage your targeted audience with good story plots, characters, and taglines. In this way, there are multiple chances that your audience will watch you till the very end. 

Lastly, use excellent quality and eye-catchy visuals that attract the audience at very first sight. 

Post at the Right Time 

You have been looking out for the right time to post to get more views and earn more engagement with your ad video content. Posting at the right time is substantial. Now you may be thinking, what’s the right time? Then here is the answer your eyes are looking for. Firstly, check out your Facebook’s insight, have a deep look at what time your targeted audience is likely to visit Facebook.

Once you get to know the right time, then post your video ad to get enough engagement. If your time involved is inconvenient and hard to post your ad video at that time, then go out for some scheduling tools such as Hootsuite Alternatives and schedule your post. Your ad video will be posted at the desired time you have chosen automatically, even if you are away from work or asleep. 

Make Square Videos

Talking about your Facebook ad videos format, you must opt for square or vertical videos when posting your ad. Landscape videos are all over YouTube. Landscape format gives a cinematic look, and it can be said that landscape videos are still the norm, so when posting on Facebook, go for square or vertical ones. 

According to the research, 92% of Facebook users browse Facebook every day on their mobile devices. They won’t like to flip their phones and watch the videos in landscape mode as most of the Facebook videos ads appear in the news feed. So it’s better to have square video rather than landscape ones. 

Square videos are much more practical as they give the users a full-screen experience without even repositioning their devices, and undoubtedly they are the most mobile-friendly video format.

More and more people like to view videos on their mobile devices, so it’s an excellent option to experiment with the square videos or the vertical ones. It seems like mobile devices will get more critical for video marketing over time. 

Addition of Thumbnails 

Let’s talk about another factor that’s more effective for your Facebook advertisement. Thumbnails play a significant part. Although Facebook empowers you to choose your thumbnail from your video, we suggest you get a customized thumbnail to attract users. The quality of your thumbnail performs a great job at catching the attention of people while they scroll. 

Don’t forget to add a productive text in your thumbnail but don’t overdo it. Too much text can ruin your ad but make sure it’s easy to read, and it can be easily read from smartphones. 

Add Call-to-Action 

Once you are all done with your creative and powerful Facebook ad, the following valuable thing is to add CTA (Call-To-Action). Undoubtedly, CTAs are the most potent way to drive engagement, and they can even convert your website viewers into your customers.

Make sure not to put your CTA at the beginning of your video as it may look spammy, and if you're thinking of fixing it in the middle, it must give some organic feel. Here are few examples of some robust CTAs, have a look: 

  • Sign up 
  • Learn more 
  • Join free 
  • Shop now 
  • Book a call and much more 

It’s a Wrap! 

If your Facebook ad posts aren’t running well, you need to adopt some strategies to make them successful. Adopt these effective tips and tricks and start creating your ad content and then see what works the best.

Try something new that attracts your audience and get more engagement over time. First, decide where you want your ad to be placed, whether you can put it as your stories ads, video feed ads, or marketplace ads.

Then the next, create an ad. Your ad must be powerful enough to engage your audience. Try to be on point, deliver your message in a short video, decide the right time to post and auto post to Facebook. Choose vertical or square video instead of landscape, catchy thumbnails are the cherry on top, and call to actions are essential. Just a few tips and drop your powerful ad video. 

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