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How Instagram Can Help Drive Leads to Your Website

Social media is an amazing marketing strategy that marketers are using in order to drive traffic to websites. And when it comes to driving traffic to your website and increase audience engagement, you can't ignore Instagram. It has 1 billion active users and amazing features which engage users. It is a great source of UGC that can impact a buyer's decision to buy from a website or not. So let's go through how you can use Instagram to boost traffic on your website.

Instagram is an impactful social media platform that helps users to showcase their creativity and attract more audiences. However, with so much competition on the platforms, it becomes necessary that you stand out from the crowd and draw more followers.

Sometimes, mere creativity and regular posts do not work in your favor, and Instagram might not support you at times. Hence you need smart strategies to attain more reach and attract more people to your Instagram profile. With such a huge user base, Instagram is a great marketing tool to drive leads to your website.

Here are some smart and effective ways to captivate audiences on Instagram.

Add Website Link in Bio

The most common and basic way to lead your Instagram audience to your website is by providing your website link to your profile. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow users to paste clickable external links on Instagram posts. But it allows you to include one clickable link in the bio.

Make sure that you use the facility of providing clickable links smartly. For example, you can paste the landing page of your website or even paste the purchase link of your products.

Include Website Watermark on Videos

The Instagram algorithm provides a great reach to video-based content. Videos increase the engagement and interaction of the post; hence the Instagram algorithm boosts videos’ reach. You can use this to benefit by posting videos about your products and placing your URL as a watermark.

Using a watermark will not only spark interest in the viewer’s mind, but it also helps you if someone steals your content. 

You can even use Instagram reels for your website promotion. Currently, Instagram reels get a lot of traction, and people enjoy these videos. They are generally 15-30 seconds long and presents to-the-point content. You can make these types of videos and place your brand’s URL.

You even display these videos on your website by embedding Instagram feed. It will make your website more engaging and provide a sneak into Instagram's existence to your visitor.

Use Influencer Marketing

In this age of social media, influencer marketing plays a huge role in promoting a brand or a product. Sometimes your business needs a little push to attain brand awareness, and you can use influencers for that purpose. Influencers are famous people on social media platforms that have huge followings.

You can collaborate with influencers to capture followers’ attention, and people usually trust their advice and words for any product. You can organize live sessions with them or make them your brand’s face. The influencers will bring a huge amount of followers with them, which helps you to attain some brand recognition and spark interest in their minds.

Place a Call to Action Image

People normally share and engage with posts that provide them with some benefits. For example, you can upload a call to action image, ask people to perform a certain action, and acknowledge them with some reward. Like, you can upload an image and ask the audience to visit your website and provide them with an Instagram special discount on visiting the website through an Instagram link.

Invest in Instagram Ads

Instagram provides a great platform for businesses to grow as it offers a huge audience and powers the content with a great boost.

You can use Instagram Ads for this purpose as it brings an additional boost to your profile. Instagram provides its API to all brands. And with investing in Instagram ads, you are likely to see an increase in your website visits and ecommerce conversions.


Hashtags are like keywords for your content. You can present your posts and content under an appropriate category and reach your target audience. Hashtags are considered one of the best marketing strategies because they enhance your posts’ reach and attract people’s attention.

You can explore Instagram and look for appropriate hashtags that can be useful for your brand. You can even visit your competitors’ pages and go through their posts to know about trending and appropriate hashtags. Appropriate hashtags help you to reach your target audience and assist you to attain more traffic. In addition, you can build brand awareness with appropriate hashtags.

Instagram Feeds on website

You can drive huge traffic to your website by embedding Instagram feeds on your website. People feel respected when their content gets a feature on the brand’s website, and they tend to share this feat with their social circle as well.


This gesture will also motivate other users to generate content related to your brand to get a feature on the website. It will drive traffic to your website and help you to enhance your brand recognition. Many tools in the market that help you to embed an Instagram feed on your website and make your website more engaging for visitors.

Add Website Link to Your Instagram Stories

Instagram's story is an amazing feature; it provides a great facility where you can share the link of your website. But you should have more than 10k followers to activate this service.

Instagram stories are very beneficial for users. These stories remain on the top of the feed of your followers, and therefore it has more chances that every follower will open the story.

The swipe-up feature in the story creates a link between your Instagram story and website page, and therefore you can drive huge traffic onto your website.

You can utilize the time limit of the story feature in a smart way. For example, you can announce a sale for 24 hours and add a swipe-up link to your website. The Instagram story remains active for 24 hours and then disappears; people opening the story in that time slot can take advantage of the sale by purchasing the product at a discount. Thus, it will increase your website traffic and assist you to attain more sales.

Curate Instagram Stories as Highlights

Instagram introduced an amazing feature where you can save your Instagram stories as a highlight on your profile. You can categorize each highlight under some headlines. For example, you make a separate highlight reel that contains all the reviews about your product, so whenever someone visits your profile, he can go through all the reviews and make his buying decision.

You can even make separate highlight stories dedicated to your products and provide a product catalog. Or you can even upload solutions to frequently asked questions and help users to know more about your product and business. Business story


There is no denying that Instagram is a powerful social media platform that can help your business in reaching beyond local boundaries. You extract a strong customer base from the platform, drive leads to your website, and eventually watch your business grow by using smart strategies and utilizing the features provided by the platform.

Embedding an Instagram feed is another effective strategy that increases your website traffic and enhances your social media presence.

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