Priya Kumari
Priya Kumari 13 July 2021

Unveiling the Top PPC Myths of 2021

It’s been a while since paid search has been around and certain stubborn PPC myths have plagued the channel. To ensure the success of their paid search campaigns marketers need to dispel these PPC myths that give the channel a bad rap. These myths lead people to approach PPC with incorrect assumptions causing their programs and campaigns to suffer.

Let’s see what these myths are so that we can approach our PPC strategy with clear eyes and achieve greater success with our PPC campaigns:

  1. Paid Search Doesn't Pay Off When the Decision Making Process is Long And/or Emotional

One can’t reasonably expect to go from zero to a hundred with one PPC ad, which is why PPC must be part of a larger marketing strategy.

Any marketing initiative that's poorly executed won't work, whether it's PPC or any other type of campaign. So, it's essential for PPC marketers to well strategize their campaigns and get rid of this misconception.

  1. Paid Search Gets You on the Top of the SERPs in Short Time

Many companies think that they can PPC to get to the top of SERPs their SEO “kicks in.”

Guess what, PPC can get you on that front page of Google search results, but in short, time is such flawed thinking.

First, there's no guarantee that SEO will eventually get you on top of SERPs, no matter how great your marketing strategy might be. Many companies never reach the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Even if it gets on the top of the SERPs, there's no guarantee that you'll stay there. Google frequently upgrades its core algorithms and the rankings can shift anytime. Third, SEO & PPC work best when they are used together.

So, to get the best out of your PPC campaigns you must plan and execute your PPC & organic SEO campaigns together. Marketers should recognize that once PPC is driving valuable leads and sales with organic SEO, they shouldn’t be stopping paid search.

Most of the most popular brands like Tesla, Twitter and Pepsi don’t have paid search campaigns, but unless brands reach that status they must continue with both SEO & PPC campaigns.

  1. Pause a Campaign, Ad Group, or Keyword if They Aren't Converting

This myth is completely logical on the surface. Prioritizing the budget and picking the top performers makes sense. However, you should holistically think about your PPC program and it should consist of a mix of campaign types with a variety of goals.

Marketers should be able to cater to all parts of customers' journey and set themselves up for even better results in the future.

It might not essentially be a good idea to put all your bets on your top-performing campaigns. This might prove to be fruitful in the short term; however, once things change one may find himself in a financial hole with no way to dig themselves out.

  1. PPC is Too Expensive

If you jump into Google Ads without understanding what you're doing, you might witness your PPC ad budget shoot up too high, too soon. When your account is being managed by inexperienced PPC managers, your account spending is sure to catch you by surprise.

When venturing into PPC you might require to keep a certain amount aside exclusively for the PPC campaigns; however, at the end of the day PPC spend isn't the metric that matters the most. PPC ROI is what really counts.

If PPC programs are delivering leads and sales that are greater than the investment made, then PPC suddenly doesn’t seem so expensive after all.

Wrap Up

As PPC and online advertising continues to evolve, marketers need to understand that none of these myths hold true anymore. It's time to let these myths go and look at the PPC campaigns in a more unprejudiced way.

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