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Amtul Rafay 16 July 2021
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Top 6 Skills Necessary for Content Writers to Excel in 2021

The past few years have seen content marketing rise in popularity. Every major company and most SMBs are now opting to reach customers through content rather than using traditional marketing techniques. 

Written content is the most common type of medium used by many brands for their content marketing strategy. That means that experienced content writers and copywriters are in high demand nowadays. Companies are looking to hire writers for their marketing teams to attract and convert leads through quality content. 

However, not all writers are made equal. Therefore, you need to find writers who have the skills necessary to create content that attracts and engages. If you want to learn how to become a copywriter with the skills required, then read on. 

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The Skills Required to be an Exceptional Content Writer

There is a difference between writing content and writing high-quality content. To become a writer that creates quality content every time, you need to have the fundamental skill of adapting your writing style and knowledge according to that brand’s voice. 

Moreover, here are the six most demanded skills a content writer should have in 2021. 

  1. Understand the Basic Writing Practices

A content writer should know how to create various types of written content. For example, they should be reasonably skilled in the art of copywriting. It is an essential skill that makes a writer a vital asset to a brand’s marketing department. 

However, with almost every company producing content to market their offerings, your content should be distinct. That can only be possible if your content is of the highest quality. 

Quality does not mean just checking your grammar and avoiding run-on sentences, which are essential in their rights. It means that the flow and tone of your content are natural and appeals to your readers. 

According to Jon Morrow, short and captivating paragraphs are easier to digest for the reader. It also has the happy side effect of keeping their interest and drawing them into reading further. Essentially, knowing how to write a good copy and adapting it to the situation is essential to be a great writer. 

  1. Tell a Story in an Engaging Manner

A good content writer needs to know how to reel in a potential lead and then influence them subtly to buy what you offer. The art of storytelling is a must-have for every writer looking to excel. 

Everyone knows someone who can turn the most boring anecdote into a riveting tale that is hard to miss. That is what every writer should aspire to achieve. And there are several ways to accomplish that.

One proper yet underrated technique is to get personal in your writing. Your writing should emulate an actual conversation between two people. That helps the reader connect with your content better. To do so requires careful monitoring of factors such as:

  • The pacing of your words

  • The humor you add to it

  • The timing and delivery of your points

Mastering these factors will help you create an engaging story within your content. 

  1. Know How to Market Via Social Media

Navigating social media is an essential skill today for personal as well as business purposes. And for a content writer to know how to market your content and yourself online. 

Social media marketing is the art of understanding your audience and presenting your offering in a way that appeals to those consumers. Content writing works on a similar framework. Your copy needs to be given to the audience in a way that appeals to their interests. 

Social media awareness will help you know what your consumers like and create your content accordingly. Moreover, it also allows you to engage your readers directly, making it easier to promote your content. 

  1. Know How to Write in a Casual Tone

Using a casual tone with occasional humor thrown in helps your readers relax and connect better with your content. It also can make your content more appealing and exciting to read for your audience. 

While long-form content is quite effective in bringing in traffic, the fact is that it can be exhausting to read in its entirety. That is unless this content is fun to read. That can be achieved with a clever pun, a joke, or a witty image to break the content’s monotony. 

This entire activity aims to ensure that the readers will receive your content by adding a little humor to it or using a casual conversational tone.  

  1. Be Aware of SEO Basics

Knowing relevant SEO techniques related to writing an excellent copy are also a necessary skill for a writer. Keyword-focused SEO might not be as effective today as it was in the years past. However, knowing how to do that is still necessary to be a successful content or copywriter. 

The ability to choose the right keywords and where to use them effectively can be combined with other SEO basics, like:

  • Generating strong headings

  • Distinctive meta descriptions

  • Using the right image tags

Neither content writing nor SEO techniques alone can help your content attract more readers and rank better. Combining these search engine optimization techniques with quality content can create a fascinating and engaging copy.   

  1. Know your Audience’s Needs

I saved the best for the last. You can never write a high-quality content copy unless you know who you’re writing for. Without identifying your audience, your content will fail to impact its readers, no matter how good your content might be. 

Knowing who will read your content and why they’re going to read it will help you develop copies relevant to their demographic. You cannot expect an article focused on World of Warcraft to interest anyone who hasn’t played the game. That is why it’s essential to understand your readers before writing for them. 

To Conclude

Being a content writer or a copywriter is not hard. For both skilled and amateur writers, the skills listed above will help them achieve higher levels of success. So whether your content is meant to educate or inform its readers or convert and sell your products, creating engaging and interesting content should be your priority. 

By researching the latest trends and topics and sharpening their writing with the best in-demand skills in 2021, you will be able to become a highly successful marketing writer in no time. 

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