Stephanie White
Stephanie White 2 August 2021

Short Guide on How to Create a Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy

The latest statistics show that every month, close to 800 million people actively use TikTok. Although TikTok is one of the youngest social media platforms, it is by far the latest trend in digital marketing.  Initially loved by teens due to its attractive video features, TikTok is today a platform for all age groups and is used by most influencers, celebs, businesses, and politicians. If you want to use TikTok to market your brand, the following strategies will help you become successful.

Create your Objectives

Even before you create a TikTok account, think about your goals in terms of what you want to achieve through TikTok. You could already have other social media accounts and you want to create another line of marketing. 

Your goal might be to promote your products and boost sales but you must have a definite goal on which product you want to make your anchor product. Your goals will help you define your niche and your target audience. 

By the time you start to download TikTok videos for marketing purposes, you will have an idea of the right content to use. For example, a TikTok influencer’s goal will be to gain the largest audience possible and the kind of content they will create shall be targeted to gaining more followers. 

Create your TikTok Account 

If you don’t have a TikTok account yet, it’s very easy to create one. Download the app from Google Play or Apple Store and set up your free account. You have the option to create a creator’s account or a personal account. Create the account and get ready to start posting your brand’s marketing content. 

Decide on your TikTok Content Type

Most people associate TikTok with dance-type videos but that’s because the platform was initially used by a greater percentage of teenagers. Today, you will get all sorts of videos on TikTok, depending on the intended purpose. 

You will find videos with branding tips, health, viral videos, and anything else you might think about. The trick here is to create videos that will help you market your brand while at the same time creating humor for your audience. 

You can get ideas by tapping on the discover page and search videos relevant to your brand. You may also search for trending videos on your home screen and get further ideas on what to post. 

Do not ignore the dancing videos because you can create a dancing video and add your brand details to the video. Many large companies have used this strategy and some of their videos have gone viral. 

Another strategy that has recorded success is getting an idea from the viral videos and posting when the viral video is still fresh. You should have a percentage of fresh posts posted throughout the day instead of entirely depending on the viral videos. 

Research on the Best Time to Post your Videos

TikTok users connect at different times of the day and each region globally has a unique time when users in that region connect. You may call the time when a certain region has the most connections active time and when there are least connections passive time. 

To know the passive and active TikTok time in a certain region, you can search for online statistics but ensure the source is reliable. The best way to get authentic data is to use TikTok analytics. These will give insights on the time your audience is most active and the time when they are passive. 

Use this information to your advantage and post your videos in the active hours and then use the passive hours to create more videos or improve previous posts. In a general sense, the early morning and late evening hours are the most active hours. 

If you want to achieve maximum success, do not wait until the exact active hour comes, but upload your posts at least half an hour and at most one hour before the active hour. To enjoy the TikTok analytic feature, make sure your account is set to the creator account and not a personal account. 

Take Advantage of Hashtags 

Hashtags will help you widen your reach because users might be searching using hashtags. You will get all sorts of hashtags but your interest will be to get hashtags that are relevant to your brand. 

Again you don’t want to use hashtags that have a very high level of audience lest your post gets ‘lost’ in between. Most marketers search for hashtags with a minimum audience of 300 thousand and a maximum of 2 million. 

Work with Influencers and Capitalize on Ad Posts

You must keep studying TikTok trends to ensure your content is always fresh and relevant. The trending posts should also be fresh and relevant if you want your audience to take an interest in your posts. 

Business requires more than one strategy to prosper and the most trending strategy used by marketers is involving influencers and posting paid ads. It will cost you some money but according to statistics, the ROI mostly average between $5 to $18 for every dollar you spend.


TikTok is today’s most trending marketing platform and developing a TikTok marketing strategy takes different approaches backed up by unrelenting commitment. The strategies we have discussed in this guide have been tried and tested and they work well for most businesses. We hope you will find the strategies useful and apply them to your business and as you do that, we wish you all success and the best results. 

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