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Madelyn Wilson 11 February 2021
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5 Global Social Media Trends to Power Up Your Marketing in 2021

Social media has become an integral part of every brand’s marketing strategy. If some brands were not paying attention to this medium of communicating and targeting their audience, then this pandemic has forced them not only to pay attention but also innovatively mark their presence on social media.

Covid-19 has acted as a catalyst in fast-tracking ideas, innovation, issues, and initiatives. And social media has played a big role. It has given people as well as brands a chance to redefine as well as find new solutions to some old and long-existing problems.

Since every brand is on social media and fighting for audiences’ attention, the competition is bound to get harder.

The stakes will be higher than ever.

Only the right social media strategy can land your brand at the top in 2021. That’s why we are going to talk about the top 5 global social media trends that you need to follow and include in your online marketing strategy in 2021.

Top 5 Global Social Media Marketing Trends of 2021

Local Campaigns to Target Local Audiences for Qualified Leads

Countries have started promoting self-reliance which is targeted to empower local businesses, especially SMEs. For example, a campaign promoted in India #VocalforLocal which had gone viral upon its launch in 2020 was crafted to request consumers to consume from local brands.

In this campaign, the power of local targeting was unleashed by many local brands. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter provide the brands with the geo-targeting feature which allows them to target local audiences where they use users’ IP-addresses.

Whereas users can search content being published in their vicinity using certain features provided by these platforms.

This approach gives brands a better ROI compared to global targeting since they don’t have to compete with giant brands for space.

Rise of Edutainment Content

In this era of the digital economy and information, people have everything at their fingertips. Including misinformation. And since the pandemic hit us, consumers are turning to brands for proper support as well as information now more than ever. This is where Edutainment Content comes into the picture.

Brands are expected to leverage their expertise and provide information through storytelling, different formats, and more. They are expected to provide condensed bite-size content of long-form articles using different platforms like Instagram stories, newsfeed, short videos, reels, and more.

Now people are looking to consume content that adds value to their time rather than mindlessly scrolling on platforms. Hence, brands are constantly on their toes to create value-adding edutainment content to engage with their audience.

“We’re seeing a rise in edutainment on social media platforms.” - Bella Ibrahim | Marketing Manager at Kerning Cultures

4Cs of New Normal Marketing

Marketing has become a two-way street. No longer can brands just simply shout at their audience and expect them to engage with their content. Simply launching content into the void that is the internet is not going to get any results.

People are becoming woke in terms of content consumption. They engage better with brands that stand up for a purpose and clearly communicate their values and ethics.

Gone are the days where brands focus on sales and conversions. In 2021, everything is going to be about conversations, social issues, engagement, and information. Connecting with your audience using the 4 Cs of new normal marketing communication - Community, Cleanliness, Contactless, and Compassion is the way to go.

And how to make your communication more effective? By getting your brand game on and stepping up your social listening game. Make a habit of visiting platforms like Twitch (gaming community) and Quora, where a plethora of small and niche communities can be discovered that’ll help you understand your target audience better.

Then leverage your understanding and the 4Cs to craft meaningful and informative content for your audience.

“As the 4Cs of Covid-19 (Cleanliness, Contactless, Community, Compassion) continue to be the new normal in marketing, it’s bound to change how a message is relayed. The effects of Covid-19 will be felt for months to come. Brands need to consider the 4 Cs in future marketing & PR efforts.” - Janet Machuka | Founder ATC Digital Academy

Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia marketing is the way to communicate with your targeted audience so as to attach strong positive emotions and feelings to your brand. One brand that’s complete marketing strategy relies on nostalgia marketing is Paper Boat. The brand’s message is clear and concise where they associate old flavors in new packaging.

Nostalgia marketing gives a sentimental boost and connects your brand with the customers’ positive memories from the past.

Why is this among the major social media trends? Well, because of the pandemic. People are looking to escape the harsh truths of the current reality and what better way to do so by remembering the good old days of 2019. Am I right?

The pandemic might end soon but effects are going to haunt our reality for way too long.

Make your consumers feel good and they’ll associate that feeling with your brand.

“Nostalgia campaigns work especially well with Millennials as they mainly focus on purpose also because a good marketing strategy should always have a purpose.” - Eleonora Rocca, CEO @ Elle Innovation Consulting

Community Building

Since most people are at home, living either in isolation or with a limited set of people, they are looking to connect with new people now more than ever. That’s where niche communities come in.

People are utilizing different social media platforms and forums to create a safe space and community using features like LinkedIn groups, Instagram groups, Facebook private groups, etc.

What brands need to do is try and create a safe space for their consumers to reach out, share their experience, concerns, share their opinions or seek out any information they want by using different platforms.

Most of the brands have already created their community during the pandemic and will now be getting the fruits of it in 2021. But it’s never too late for you to do the same.

Create content that drives conversation and engagement, stand up for what you and your brand believe in, and most importantly, take part in conversations on different forums. Don’t stay silent where your audience and community members are expecting you to stand up.

Also, make sure you are participating in the communities where your targeted audience already hangs out.

“Community Building is going to be one to watch out for! Lots of brands ramped up demand gen and brand building activities during Covid-19, 2021 is the time their activities will move further into fruition; they should push the throttle on this - it always reaps rewards! Communities build a brand, which builds business.” - Vanshika Mehta | Brand Storyteller and Community Builder, Solopreneur

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