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Akash Tripathi 15 February 2021
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9 Best Ecommerce Marketing Strategies for 2021

Here are the top ten ecommerce marketing strategies that you need to know. You should always have a deliberate approach towards marketing, and a dedicated marketing team can be the best for you to track it for your ecommerce website. 

Presently, ecommerce websites dominate the global business sector, and many businesspersons invest in them to earn their livelihood. Opening an ecommerce startup might seem easy, but making it sustain in the market is challenging due to competition.

Nowadays, the first thing you need to think about is the right strategy to enhance website traffic and sales if you are a part of the ecommerce industry. By taking these strategies, you would boost up the site marketing.

Improve the Level of Recognition of the Site

The primary aim of an ecommerce website is to ensure that most customers can recognize it as they shop. The easiest way to do this is advertising. You can choose both traditional media and digital media for advertising. 

It might seem to be an expensive approach, but it can ensure more traffic and sales from your e-commerce website. Make sure to advertise on newspaper, television, and radio before national and regional festivals.

Boosting Website Exposure with Optimization

A well-optimized website can be the primary reason for a sales boost up. A good web developer can optimize your ecommerce website dedicatedly. The primary works to be executed are improving landing pages' quality and eliminating errors and broken links . 

The presence of high-quality sellable materials and proper SEO is also crucial for your ecommerce website. You can consider website optimization as a bold ecommerce marketing strategy. 

Applying BoFu Strategies

If you find a few prospects on your ecommerce website who can become customers easily, it will be a bold approach to provide them guidance for the sales. Once a prospect becomes a customer, there will be a chance for repeated sales. The best ways to apply the bottom-of-the funnel strategy are:

  • Tracking the prospect's behavior
  • Providing proper information about discounts and offers
  • Giving a call to action (for sales)
  • Providing guidance for the sales

Take Feedback for all Abandoned Carts

The issue of abandoned carts is relatively standard in the case of e-commerce Sites. Make sure your marketing team keeps track of every abandoned cart. In such a case, your team can send multiple emails to manipulate the customer to complete the cart and initiate the sales process. Many App development companies work on this process.

However, there must be a time limit, after which you should stop bothering the customer and cancel the pre-existing cart. Make sure to inform the customer well before you dissolve the cart. In most cases, such a step can lead to quick sales resulting in an improvement in your customer base.

Show Discounts to the Customers

A good marketing strategy for any ecommerce website is to publish an exclusive segment on the website and show all the discounts and products. It not only engages the customer but works as shopping guidance too. 

On tracking the website, you may find the discount section to attract the customers most. During the festive season, go for a re-design of your website and add a well-designed discount section. Expect more sales to take place from it. 

Provide Special Convenience to Regular Customers

As a prevalent marketing strategy, the top ecommerce sites allow regular customers to enjoy some shopping conveniences. In case of some bumper sales, these customers get a chance to buy items earlier than other customers. 

Apart from following such a strategy, you can allow discounts on every shopping for your regular customers. This way, it will be easier for you to develop a brand loyal customer base. 

Allow Free Shipping on Purchases

In festive seasons and year ends, you can cut off the shipping charges from different products reducing its prices drastically. Make sure you advertise for such an incident on your ecommerce website. It is an excellent marketing strategy that results in a boost in sales.

Start Mentioning Customer Reviews in Emails

A healthy approach to customer manipulation is crucial for ensuring sales on your ecommerce website. Email marketing ensures it works as a support system. It can be a bold step to random mail prospects with customer reviews. 

You can also request the prospect to visit the ecommerce website and write a few words on the customer review section. Simultaneously, maintain a friendly approach with the customer and avoid being desperate with him/her by asking directly about purchasing something from the site. 

Start Practicing Upselling

As a modern ecommerce website, you can upsell different products. It can act as a prominent marketing strategy. In the case of upselling, you will be able to attach your customer directly to a brand. This will, in turn, help you to improve networking in the market. 

A random person will be able to find two different prices for the same commodity. First, the price is offered regularly and another which he/she can avail by becoming a follower member of that brand. 

Once your customer becomes a member of the brand's website, you can earn a decent amount from it if the sales take place. So, it can finally be your profit only. 
Give importance to referral marketing

Referral marketing is yet another way you can execute marketing for your ecommerce website. This is an approach where you need to interact with your customers on the website's behalf.

You can request them to bring referrals by providing them proper tracking credentials. This can help you a lot as the pre-existing customers can become loyal ones, and you can get an opportunity to improve sales. 

Final Words

When it comes to ecommerce marketing strategies, there is no hard and fast rule that you should follow to boost your website's reputation. You must always track the customer behavior and work according to the needs of the market. Once you start applying the right marketing strategies, expect your site to become sustainable. 

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