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Digital Doughnut Contributor 1 September 2021

Best Tips for Email Marketing You Should Know to Grow Your Business

Email marketing is an effective marketing channel through which you can send promotional messages to people in mass numbers. In this digital world, emails are used as reliable means of communication, acting as a critical player in online marketing. 

Email marketing pays off, you can earn pretty well if you know the right tips!! 

With the following tips, you can earn and grow.

Clean your Mailing List

The first step before starting any marketing campaign is to clean your mailing list with an Email Checker tool.

It is highly important for your email deliverability. Many people intentionally type wrong email addresses because they don’t want to reveal their original identity or they don’t trust the website.

For any email marketer, the ultimate goal is to reach the subscriber's in box without any error. Email verifiers help you identify spam traps, invalid email addresses, role-based addresses, toxic domains etc.

Know your Audience

It is a very basic, yet very important, step before you get into email marketing; knowing your customers.

An excellent demographic analysis can increase traffic to your website. You can send emails to targeted audiences only if you have a clear understanding of demographics. All the marketing efforts you make must give satisfying results, increasing chances of open rates on your website. 


Email Sending Frequency

Keep in regular touch with your subscribers. But do not send 3-4 emails daily, or else subscribers might leave your service and no longer be interested in the newsletter sent by you. 

Can you bear losing your precious subscribers? A big NO!

You can send emails twice a week, or if you want to send them daily, the frequency of your email should be one.

Keep your Customers Engaged 

A lot of marketers do not know how to engage their subscribers effectively. 

Do not worry! We will let you know how to keep your valuable subscribers engaged. 

Give regular updates regarding services that you provide and also keep updating your existing services. Offer them fabulous discounts, incentives and develop your audience’s interest. You can put up a contest to know about your customers' opinions related to the service you provide. 

Powerful Copywriting

Your newsletter should be more content-based.

Use call-to-actions which will create an audience's interest. You can use a call-to-action like - click here, swipe up, discover more, start here, buy now, download ebooks, etc. Call-to-actions can increase your open rates, CTA also helps to turn subscribers into customers. 

Eye-Catching Subject Lines

What if you have the best email marketing campaign but no one takes an interest in opening the email? 

Keep your worries aside and focus on the subject line!

Subject line must be short yet simple. It is one of the most important parts when you write a newsletter. A well-crafted subject line will get you more clicks.


Landing pages

A landing page is all about the purpose of your campaign. It would be best if you highlighted the aim of your marketing campaign and why you are reaching out to them. 

You can also add an image or support video to define your campaign goals.

Use of Email Automation

How are you going to handle or send newsletters if you have thousands of subscribers?

You are not going to send to them personally. Instead, use email automation platforms like Mailchimp to reach out to subscribers in mass numbers. With email automation, you do not have to worry about whether subscribers have received your email and further updates or not. 


Let yourself dive into the email marketing world and get fantastic rates, increasing the value of your website.

Email marketing gives you a vast opportunity to gain profits, and if you know the right tips, you can make money quickly.

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