Sean Begg Flint
Sean Begg Flint 18 May 2020

The Extraordinary Rise of Video Content on Social Media

As an audience, we’re familiar with the concept of being entertained by video, but as a marketing tool, perhaps less so. In recent years, the popularity of using video content for social media has increased, with influencers and brands fighting for attention by using entertaining and easy to digest videos.

99% of marketers currently using video will continue to do so, while 59% of those not utilising video expect to begin so during 2020. So, why is video content important on social media, and what do brands need to know when it comes to entertaining users?

Here are a few revelations about the extraordinary rise of video on social media and how to use it in your marketing strategy.

The Importance of Video and Social Media Marketing

Using video in social media marketing can achieve exponential results, especially when it comes to targeting the correct audience. 

What makes video a key tool for marketers? Here are a few benefits of using video marketing.

Reach A New Audience

For marketers, video content helps them to reach a new kind of audience – Generation Z, or those who were born between 1996 and 2010. Unlike millennials who followed before them, Generation Z have been brought up using social media and the internet. 

40% of all consumers are Generation Z, meaning they’re more likely to be persuaded into making a purchase via social media, rather than traditional forms of advertising like billboards and TV commercials. It’s not difficult to understand why video marketing is proving popular with this target audience – the average Gen Z consumer watches online video content for 3.4 hours. For marketers who have struggled to reach this audience, video content is clearly the way to go. 

Brand Storytelling

Producing video content enables brands to tell a story, forming a deeper connection with their audience. Whether its showcasing behind the scenes content, sharing a question and answer session, or using vivid imagery to tease new products, brand storytelling helps to provoke a reaction from the audience, and encourage purchases too!!

Impressive ROI

Every business wants to achieve a high ROI on their marketing budget. Luckily, video produces just that – with 88% of marketers noting a positive return of investment on brand video campaigns. In comparison, 2015 research indicated that only 33% of marketers reported a good ROI from video marketing.

Video marketing results have continuously improved over the years as our understanding of using video has widened. Knowing how to speak to your target audience is essential for gaining successful results from video on social media.

Trust Building

While standing out from the crowd with video content is a challenge, its highly rewarding, especially when it comes to increasing trust and authenticity as a brand. 

Video allows brands to show off their individuality, what they stand for, and their overall brand vision. For many, this means the opportunity to win over loyal customers and position themselves as trustworthy. 

Whether it's showing off a fun personality or sharing charity initiatives, video content on social media helps brands to define their voice and stand out from their competitors.  

Data Insights

Using video gives you powerful data insights. That’s because when viewers watch even half of a video, they can be sent targeted information and calls to action. Those who have watched a full video can also be marketed to, as well as viewers abandoning video content early on. 

Video content allows brands the opportunity to trial varying narratives and styles with different audiences, providing them with the opportunity to use highly effective communication for any target audience. 

What Are the Most Effective Forms of Video on Social Media?

Watch a variety of videos and you’ll see how video content tends to fall into a selection of categories. The most effective forms of video on social media are brand awareness videos, live videos and testimonial videos. Let’s delve deeper into each category.

Brand Awareness Videos

Brands videos are often found on social media and a brand’s own website. To use brand videos in a compelling way, it’s important to introduce the brand and communicate its vision in a direct manner that grabs the audience’s attention.

Live Videos

When used correctly, live videos help to enhance authenticity and increase trust with a target audience. Live video is popular on both Instagram and Facebook, potentially reaching thousands of viewers worldwide.

While live content may seem overwhelming, especially for small businesses, it’s a chance to get creative – recipe demonstrations, live workshops and question and answers sessions are just some ideas to use! 

Testimonial Videos

Customer reviews play a significant part in influencing a potential buyers purchasing decision. After all, they increase trust. Therefore, using reviews as part of your video content can significantly increase conversion rates. Just ensure they’re authentic as creating fake brand reviews is a huge no-no! 

How Can You Effectively Use Video on Social Media?

Thinking about using video? Here’s a plan of attack!

Devise A Strategy

Every marketing campaign needs a thoughtful plan of action. Your strategy should revolve around your end goal and what results you want to achieve. Make it detailed to ensure the best results possible. 

Grab Attention

Your video content needs to be highly engaging to prevent viewers from switching off. One third of video viewers switch off after just 30 seconds, so ensure the start of your video piques interest.

Consider Your Message

It’s easy to put creativity above everything else. However, your video content needs to convey one thing – a clear message! Branded content needs to be straightforward and easily digested to produce results. 

Think About Audio

While producing in-house content is authentic, it can often lead to a lack of quality, especially when it comes to audio. No-one wants to listen to muffled audio so use an external microphone to confidently record your video’s sound.

Use Subtitles

Many people watch video content on their phones, often on the journey to and from work. That means they’re not necessarily going to watch your content with the sound on. 

Using subtitles means your content is accessible for all types of viewer. There’s plenty of easy to use software, such as Movavi, which makes subtitling your video content a breeze. 

About The Author

Sean Begg Flint is the founder of Position Digital, a digital marketing agency for start-ups and growing brands. They help companies get found online through creative content and targeted outreach.

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