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Angela White 5 June 2020
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How Can SaaS Companies Increase Audience Engagement Through Social Media?

If you want your company to have sustainable growth, you need to engage your audience. For SaaS companies, the primary goals should be to entertain and educate their audiences.

When it comes to social media marketing, it means establishing an engagement strategy. You want to make your customers feel good about using your platform. However, the key is longevity and not just one-time use. 

Here’s how you can do this through social media. 

By Creating Quizzes 



Quizzes are very engaging and addictive, which is particularly true on social media. People are on social media to distract themselves and do something random. That’s why quizzes are so popular. 

Quizzes can let people engage in casual social activity, share results with friends, and gain some funny insights. SaaS companies are using quiz builders to deploy fun quizzes for lead generation on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

A good quiz generator allows you to create an engaging quiz personalized for your target audience. Quiz builders allow you to create various types of interactive content, including: 

  • Quizzes with multiple choices 
  • Pair-matching quizzes 
  • Blank-field quizzes 
  • True or false questions 
  • Identification quizzes 
  • Crosswords 
  • Game-like quizzes 

You can design the quiz to act as a demo for your platform and interest people in your product. On the other hand, you can test their knowledge of the platform, or engage them with your brand. The options are endless. 

With Video Content That’s Highly Engaging 

Video content is the most engaging medium today, especially when shared on social media. Every day, an average social media user sees tons of information. 

That’s why they are selective with the type of content they give their attention to. People want quick information delivery in a fun way. Most people prefer watching videos over reading. 

It takes less time and requires no effort whatsoever. Apart from the fact that people pay more attention to videos, they are also willing to share them. 

If they realize that some video is relevant for their friends, they will likely share. 

What’s even better is that any company can create solid videos. As most people browse social media through their phones, you don’t need the best video production out there. It’s the idea behind it that matters. 

There are various types of marketing videos you can use: 

  • Product videos: Short videos that quickly present the key features and benefits of your products. 
  • Explainer videos: These videos are great for explaining how to use virtual products, especially if they are complicated. 
  • Introduction videos: Do you want to put your business on the map? Introduce your employees and your management. 
  • Announcement/Event Videos: If you have something important coming up, the best way to notify everyone is through a video. 

These are just some types of video marketing options you can use on social media to engage your audience. 

With Gamification


Gamification isn’t a new concept, but it’s becoming very frequent. Companies have used various types of contests for decades to engage their audiences. But today, gamification can be implemented in so many ways. 

It can be implemented on a much wider scale with customer convenience in mind. For example, you can use a simple progress or “leveling system” where users receive badges for their achievements. 

These badges give them more options and benefits. On the other hand, you can implement gamification in other incentives on social media. For example, a good quiz builder also allows you to add gamification features. 

It will make the quiz more engaging, resulting in more shares. You can also gamify your social media marketing campaign. Add a scoreboard and reward people with most invites to your page, referrals, and reward people for shares. 

By Offering Beta Testing/Free Trials 

Free trials are a very old marketing tactic used by SaaS companies. Despite that, it’s still a popular method because it gives great results. When you allow companies to test your new software, the value of that product will engage them on its own. 

Even if they don’t buy the software after the free trial; you will get a valuable lead that’s engaged with your brand for future advertising. Apart from free trials, you can also offer beta testing for current customers. 

Give them free access to check out upgrades or your new products. It’s also a good opportunity to get valuable feedback that can help you improve your product for the release date. 

It’s always a good idea to ask customers directly what their thoughts are about a certain piece of software. After all, they are the ones who will be using it. 

By Establishing a Community on Social Media

It’s hard to describe what it means to establish a community around your brand. But when you have it, you know it. It means having a constant follower base that’s engaged with your brand, posts, stories, videos, and so on. 

SaaS companies build communities in several ways. They offer incentives to influence the behavior of their users. You can add people to special groups, respond to all questions, comments, sharing messages, adding humor to posts, and so on. 

When you have five people that are actively engaged with all your posts, the numbers will grow easily. People want to share their thoughts, experiences and communicate with a brand. Social media allows them to do this easily. 


Customers are essential for any business and especially SaaS companies. Your success depends directly on the level of engagement you are constantly generating. Simply put, engagement breeds even more engagement. 

You need to be present in your customers’ lives throughout all channels, including social media. Entertain to engage and retain.

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