Adele Thomas
Adele Thomas 19 June 2020

How to Take Advantage of Seasonal Events in Your Marketing Strategy

If you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall when promoting your brand and products then stop. Think. And reset. There’s no point in pushing something aimlessly, you need a process and a purpose. Seasonal advertising can help give your products and services a helping hand to make them appear more relevant.

What is Seasonal Advertising?

When I talk about seasonal advertising, I’m talking about the days, weeks and even months throughout the year where people get talking about a particular event or day of celebration. This could be Christmas, Easter, Halloween or even something more unique like National Cupcake Day.

These types of events are ingrained in people. This leads them to taking celebratory pictures, purchasing gifts and even looking for bargain deals online.

There is where your business comes in. Depending on the type of product or service you provide, how can you adapt your messages to be relevant to what’s going on?

Seasonal Marketing is Perfect for B2B

Yes although B2C would eat up seasonal marketing, if your products and services are aimed more at other businesses, using seasonal events as a tactic can help you be remembered and stand out more, whether that’s a trade shows, online or even just a friendly ‘hello’ to a client you’ve not heard from in a little while.

For example, we specialise in promotional Easter eggs and so naturally before the Easter holiday begins, we start to advertise and promote our Easter products which can be personalised for other businesses so they can pass it on to their clients and customers.

This small gifted gesture that might be unexpected from a client point of view, will not only give them a smile but the relationship between them and the business that gifted the Easter egg, will become stronger.

This action chain will hopefully lead to more sales, mentions and brand authority both online and offline.

What if Your Brand Doesn’t Provide Conventional Products or Services?

This is a matter of research. If you sell security products, such as CCTV, security gates or products along those lines, you might be thinking ‘how can I incorporate them into seasonal events, instead of the repetitive Christmas offers?’

Find national security days, they’re topical events that many businesses get involved in and so they create busy hashtags which not only bring awareness to individuals and businesses but you could create an offer within this seasonal event so people might look forward to it next year, to see what great deals they can get hold of next time.

If your brand's mission is to create organic sustainable products, find a way to get involved in Earth Day, for example, as this will help spread the message that your brand is trying to help the planet and businesses and customers get feel good by getting involved too.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

As well as seasonal events, you should also take note of the actual seasons. Get people inspired through spring, summer, autumn and winter. Whether it’s getting people excited for summery days or looking forward to getting cosy at home, our own seasons can be great inspiration points for your advertising efforts.

This can sometimes come down to the right colours you use in your graphics and even wording, if there’s a funny ‘pun’ to make someone stop scrolling, even for a second, it’s worth trying.

Don’t forget a lot happens within each season, whether it’s going back to school, Black Friday or even Pride, push your brand to do more than the usual sales pitch. Tell your customers and clients what your brand believes in and you’ll be surprised how many people want to be a part of that mission.

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