Aliya Zaidi
Aliya Zaidi 19 June 2020

How the Right Data and Tech Can Fuel Successful Digital Experiences

In a hyper-connected world, digital experiences are more important than they have ever been. Tools and technology remain crucial, and while there isn't a "one-size-fits-all" approach, marketers and IT professionals need to take into account core principles to guide implementation of a successful technology strategy. A new report looks at how companies can leverage their technology investments to drive engaging customer experiences.

It is now widely recognised that differentiating the customer experience has a significant impact on reaping competitive advantage. To achieve this, companies must go beyond merely a transactional relationship, and work to form a deep, long-lasting emotional bond with the customer. This means optimising every single customer interaction and "being useful" when the customer needs to fulfil a particular need. 

Data lies at the heart of successful omnichannel experiences, and arms marketers with the tools to forge long-term, resilient customer relationships. Customer Data – Marketing’s Secret Weapon, published by Digital Doughnut sister company London Research in partnership with Jahia, looks at how the right technology strategy and systems architecture can underpin success. 

A substantial and integrated technology stack, powered by deep customer insights, holds the key to unlocking rich and engaging customer experiences. This means that customer data must be harnessed at every opportunity to optimise every step along the customer journey. Data allows marketers to extract the most value from every interaction. 

Jahia’s Omnichannel Technology Stack Model

Making this a reality is a challenge for large-scale organisations, and this is where Jahia's omnichannel technology stack architecture model can help. 


As can be seen from the model above, there are several key components that are integral to a successful strategy. 

  • Marketers must maintain large volumes of customer data. This will be the used to fuel and shape the customer experience. It is essential to drill down into the granularities of customer behaviour. 
  • The data must be made available at all levels to every team and department within the organisation. Data must be made readily available to support key decision-making. 
  • It is essential to make content assets available, as this will enable the timely delivery of a personalised approach in a scalable way. 
  • Leveraging the power of machine-learning and AI is also key for deploying a more personalised approach. 

How Can Companies Futureproof Their Technology Investments?

More companies are employing a holistic view of customer experience, and thus, digital experience platforms (DXPs) have gained ground in recent years as a way to deliver smarter customer experiences. This rapidly evolving technology enables marketers to:

  • Deliver memorable brand experiences for the consumer.
  • Deliver high levels of automation and marketing productivity.
  • Support rigorous testing and optimisation of content publishing to maximise ROI. 

Behind the scenes, a customer data platform (CDP) is essential for powering the DXP. According to the report, there are three core capabilities that a CDP must deliver: 

  • Source data to build and maintain a rich customer profile. 
  • Garner advanced customer insights by making use of customer profile data. 
  • Respect customer privacy as well as permissions and data security. 

There are plenty more insights in the new report, which will enable marketers to ensure they make informed, well-research technology procurement decisions, ultimately resulting in strong returns and tangible benefits seen on the bottom line. 

To learn more, download Customer Data - Marketing’s Secret Weapon, produced by London Research in partnership with Jahia.

London Research has also recently published Seizing the Digital Experience Opportunity – Why the Marketing-IT Partnership is Crucial, also produced in association with Jahia.

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