Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma 15 June 2020

How Magento Ecommerce Stores Can Get Real Benefit from Augmented Reality (AR)

One of the major technologies that have been adapted by Magento is augmented reality. Augmented reality is basically a technology that superimposes the computer-generated images on a user’s view of the real world. It actually provides a composite view of the products. This technology is playing an amazing role in enhancing the user experience and proved to be beneficial for the Magento ecommerce stores as well. Now let's take a look at how Magento stores are getting benefit from the augmented reality.

Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform that provides the online merchants a flexible shopping cart system along with control over the content, functionality, and looks of their online stores. This platform offers several amazing marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools. Continuously, this platform emerges towards betterment by adopting all the latest technologies.

Today, in the Magento ecommerce field, there are several promising technologies having a revolutionized impact. One of the major technologies is augmented reality. Over the last few years, this technology has been growing dynamically. In 2017, it reached 9.4 billion dollars. Also, it is expected that by the year 2021, the combined AR/VR market will hit 215 billion.

Augmented Reality Has Leveraged The Magento Ecommerce Owners

In this digital era, there are several new opportunities available for the merchants that can help them in attracting buyers and retaining the existing ones. Nowadays, the market has become fiercer; the retailers who explore the latest technology only get the chance to stay in the competition and win customer loyalty.

The augmented reality has leveraged the Magento ecommerce owners and tech-savvy retailers for creating a cohesive and interactive customer experience both in the online store and in-store. In order to connect the real as well as the digital world, augmented reality has made the shopping process more engaging and interactive to the customers. It has been seen that 40% of the consumers easily spend more on the products that usually offer an augmented reality experience as compared to the others.

Nowadays, companies are actually taking the help of augmented reality in different forms just to promote their products and services. Additionally, it is helping a lot in enhancing the customer perception of the brand and improving the overall shopping experience as well. It is easily stated that augmented reality has been proved to be beneficial for the margin to Magento ecommerce stores and other Magento ecommerce businesses. Here we are going to discuss the top areas where augmented reality has actually brought the most value to the Magento ecommerce business. So, let's get started.

Product Visualization and Testing

The major drawback of online stores as compared to the physical retail stores is their lack of proper visualization. Yes, it is one of the major factors to be determined. Even, sometimes the high-quality product images fail to showcase the product in the best manager. Augmented reality helps a lot in addressing such issues, and it helps in providing reality like visualizations and demonstrations of the products from any angle. With the help of this facility, it becomes easier for the customers to have a clear understanding of what the product actually looks like in real life.

Whenever consumers make any expensive purchase, then all they want is to discover each and every feature of the product so that they can get to ensure their decision. It is necessary for the consumers to believe that the product they have chosen is actually meeting their requirements in the best possible manner. With the help of dynamic visualizations and animations, the augmented reality helps the customers to play around the products and test drive them.

You must have heard the brand name that is Ray-Ban.


It is a famous sunglasses and eyewear brand. In order to let the customers preview the glasses, this brand makes the use of augmented reality and face-mapping technologies. This feature helps the customers a lot in creating a virtual model so that they can try the chosen class and decide how they will look after purchasing it.

Product Modification and Customization

With the help of augmented reality, it becomes easier for the customers to customize their desired products. Customers get the chance to easily customize the dimensions, shapes, color, and any other characteristics of the product in real-time. In the physical stores, it is quite difficult to make such customizations because of them out of the stock issue. Unavailability of the product also leads to the same situation. Especially such a situation occurs in the home and decor industry. One of the best examples to understand the situation is IKEA. ​


It is an amazing augmented reality-powered application. IKEA Place helps the customers in visualizing the furniture from all the angles and then putting them inside their actual homes. This feature can easily get added to any Magento ecommerce store by applying the right strategies. The Magento developers are having extensive knowledge regarding the same. However, the fact that matters is from where & how to hire expert Magento developers.

Engagement of Customers and Experience

The augmented reality actually allows the sellers to interact with the products and surroundings. This feature gives them the emergence experience, and also the whole shopping process becomes interesting and simple as well. On the other hand, customers also get a personalized approach as they can easily test the products themselves. This results in enhancement of the conversion rates and also helps in building up the customer loyalty point; one of the major examples is Sephora. The virtual artists available at this platform help the users in applying the makeup products on their face, and it helps them in getting an amazing shopping experience.

Mobile Responsiveness 

The integration of augmented reality with mobile devices has helped a lot in changing the Magento ecommerce industry look and feel. In order to explore the Magento ecommerce websites, people love using their mobile phones, and it has become one of the biggest sources of getting traffic as well. The mobile phones are having great cameras and high processing powers that ensure about getting the augmented reality-based websites operated in the right manner. The brand having the willingness to engage the users, usually design the Magento ecommerce websites that are equipped with the high-quality augmented reality experience. With the help of this feature, it becomes easier for the customers to experience the products in real-time and having a perfect picture as well.

Reduction of Post Purchase Risk

Usually, it happens that the customers feel dissatisfied with their purchasing decision. It is necessary for the Magento ecommerce brands to ensure that the quality of the products they have high standards, and the customers are receiving the same product as a period on the Magento ecommerce store. Not every store is genuine with the claims. There are several online retailers available to sell fake products or low-quality products to buyers. Due to the 2D images, the buyers get confused about the product, and it easily hampers customer satisfaction. With the implementation of augmented reality, this issue can easily get addressed. The 3D image of the product can get generated, and it will leave no space for any sort of error. In the Magento ecommerce industry, retention plays an important role, and this feature helps the brands a lot in growing their customer base and retaining the existing ones as well.

More Options Less Time

Another additional benefit that is associated with the augmented reality for Magento ecommerce store is the fact that the customers get the chance to try plenty of the products without even having any complexities. This leads them towards getting new options of trying, and also it helps in increasing sales. For example, if you have an online store that is selling a wearable and most of the products are integrated with augmented reality, then it will work amazingly. The customer who browses the website will be able to browse more options without spending extra time.


Augmented reality is undoubtedly the cutting edge technology that has been providing amazing opportunities for enhancing the experience of customers and transforming them into potential ones. Even, it is rapidly becoming one of the major parts of daily life as well. If you are also thinking about optimizing the online store, then you must consider the augmented reality technology.

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