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10 Clever Content Marketing Examples With Amazing Results

Creativity is vital when marketing content to audiences, you have to come up with fresh ideas to attract a new audience and retain existing ones. It's hard to keep this up consistently as being human, one finds themselves fresh out of ideas. This write-up helps you out, as it lists 10 clever content marketing examples in the world of business to help inspire your next big idea.

1. Have your audience join in on a campaign - GE.

Getting your audience to join in on a campaign can help boost your brand with little or no cost. It's most employed in campaigns featured on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. User generated content marketing holds more sway with consumers than other marketing forms as 55% trust UGC more.

Have your customers share fun stories while making use of your product, often these stories come in the form of images and video contents. The essential element needed to make this work is a catchy hashtag for your campaign. 

An example of a brand that profits from such a marketing strategy is GE under the campaign hashtag #GEInstaWalk. The brand invited fans alongside Instagram influences on a tour around its facilities. During this tour, the participants took and shared pictures resulting in over 3 million reaches per tour.

2. Listen to your audience - AARP. 

The suggestions, comments, and complaints of your audience matter in winning them over. You can modify your content to reflect this feedback and witness increased engagement. This knowledge isn't lost on American magazine AARP, as the brand's success is based on this. Topics that appear in the magazine are inspired by its readers' feedbacks. The magazine boast of having one of the largest amounts of readers, with just under 40 million individuals in the US.  

3. Employ various blogging tools - HubSpot. 

Few companies employ this content marketing tactic as much as Hubspot. Blogs are amazing tools to build your market strategy around. They help brands improve the efficiency of SEO and also serve as a platform to establish loyalty with consumers. Hubspot employs the following marketing strategies: 

  • Features post on its blog its audience can connect with. 
  • Created an avenue to advertise its affiliates and certifications with "Inbound". 
  • Channel traffic from LinkedIn to its Facebook videos. 

4. Attract audience through personalisation - Coke.

Multiple businesses employ this technique to improve business engagement today. It was a business strategy that the Coke company employed in its viral "Share a Coke campaign". The concept centered around the company writing out common names on soda bottles along with a caption urging consumers to share a coke with someone bearing the printed name. 
What started as a marketing tool in Australia soon became a global phenomenon, as everyone wanted to have a bottle with their name on it.

5. Make use of high-quality images - Rolex. 

Images with high resolutions radiate quality and class. It's an effective strategy most big brands employ, especially when campaigning on social media platforms, as in the world of social media quality imagery is everything. About 80% of marketers employ the use of visuals in social marketing. 

Though already a household name, the Rolex brand still keeps up with its reputation for class and quality by employing stunning visuals across its social media accounts. A successful move, no doubt as their Facebook and Instagram accounts boasts of over 7 million and 10 million followings, respectively. 

6. Make contents that resonate with your audience - Velcro. 

Sometimes during content marketing, your brand doesn't have to be the main focus.  The subject can be centered around elements that would resonate with audiences. Humor is often the main pick for most brands, as was with the brand Velcro. The company created a viral two-part light-hearted video about competition and trademarks. Audiences loved the videos and it helped improve the company's standings as a household name. 

7. Tell a compelling story - Microsoft.

One of the top content marketing trends is the use of stories. People are attracted to compelling stories and the Multi billion-dollar tech company Microsoft knows this. A visit to the company's blog will have you immersed in stories ranging from employees to the brand itself. Going to show that telling compelling and relatable stories can help improve your connection with your audiences.

8. Tap in on the trends - Hootsuite.

Getting creative with trends in modern pop culture is an excellent marketing strategy. Though you will need to ensure it doesn't come off as forced and appears as natural as possible. 

Hootsuite mirrored this in its most successful branded content ever. They made a video a minute and a half long on YouTube and tapped into a popular pop culture reference for its title. With a title like "A Game of Social Thrones," one doesn't need to guess twice about the source of their inspiration.

9. Discuss an Issue - Superdrug.

Sometimes discussing issues affecting the general public or creating awareness on them can be an effective way to market your content. Superdrug took this route while trying to create awareness about body image issues. 

The company had 18 female designers from different nationalities, to photoshop a model's picture to suit their nation's general perception of beauty. The final products were different from one another and established the fact that there was no such thing as an ideal body template. After this, the brand published its findings on Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. 

The story went viral and got a feature in notable media brands such as the New York Times. The traffic stats stood at over 700,000 views within five days, a million shares, and over three million views on the original post. The brand also got in on celebrity endorsement, with actress Sofia Vergara being among the ranks. 

10. Make use of Influencers - Olay.

Influencers are a group of select individuals who hold sway over your audience. They are great for breaking out marketing campaigns on social media with a buzz. 

Cosmetic brand Olay employed this marketing strategy in its "#FaceAnything" campaign. Olay shared videos of 9 female influencers speaking about their challenges on Instagram. After this, engagement on the social media platform skyrocketed. 


Final Thoughts

To identify the right content marketing strategy, understanding your audience is key to success. Try to provide solutions to their problems and a listening ear to their voices. After which, you can easily identify the most effective method of marketing for maximum engagement. The listed examples of content marketing can help guide you through the process of success.

About the author:

Talented content writer at essay writing service study clerk with years of experience. Her strengths include adaptability, and potential to turn ideas into textual content that the audience can relate to. Her passion for helping people improve their writing skills is best portrayed through her tutorials, and success stories.

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