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Gaurav Sharma 24 February 2020
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Do You Need Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2020?

Instagram influencer marketing is here to stay. Period. As per a 2018 study by Mobile Marketer, 93% of influencer campaigns use Instagram. On the other hand, the use of Facebook and Twitter in this regard has declined by 20% and 10%, respectively. Businesses worldwide - both big and small, are eyeing this trend and partnering with Instagram influencers. But is Instagram influencer marketing right for your small business? Let’s find out.

Are You Looking for an Affordable Means of Online Advertising?

Before planning any social media marketing strategy, it’s important to assess the costs.

Not everyone can afford to pay costs as high as $250,000 - $500,000 for one Instagram endorsement. Yes, that’s the cost of partnering with big stars like Kylie Jenner.

However, Instagram influencer marketing offers a myriad of options, and you can choose what fits your budget.

For example, micro-influencers are social media personalities with smaller followings and higher engagements. 

Not only do they produce content that’s more relatable, but they are also seen as trustworthy by audiences. Micro-influencers are individuals that users admire, look up to, and follow.


Because they want to.

What’s more, they don’t play hard to get and are much more open to collaborating with smaller brands with small budgets.

Is What You’re Selling Appealing to Women?

If you’ve got something to tell, show, or sell to women, do not forget Instagram.

An application that’s heavy on visuals, Instagram offers what a lot of female consumers are big on – aesthetically-pleasing content and the excitement of making discoveries.

By partnering with influencers in your niche, you can tap into a new audience.

Will Visual-Heavy Content Work for Your Brand?

Instagram influencer marketing thrives on photo and video content.

Visual content portraying unboxing or consumption of products has been doing the rounds on Instagram. Not only does this help users understand the product, but it also holds their attention better.

Additionally, Instagram Stories let influencers put out a lot of visual content without overwhelming followers with an overload.

Is Direct Advertising Not Working for You?

Spam emails and cheesy infomercials are not the best way to advertise a product anymore. These can come across as interruptive, useless, and outdated.

If you have a startup, ecommerce brand, or any other business spending big bucks on direct advertising, you might want to rethink your strategy.

Here’s the thing:

Influencers are social media personalities users choose to connect with. So, product recommendations from such individuals are less likely to bother followers.

Are You Short on Time?

Content creation is the bread and butter for most influencers. Furthermore, since they are already accustomed to the content your audience identifies with, they’re highly likely to nail it.

This is why partnering with Instagram influencers helps marketers save time. By delegating the responsibility of content creation to influencers, they can focus on other business functions.

All in all, if your answer to any of the above questions was in the affirmative, you should find out more about Instagram influencer marketing. This infographic by Fourstarzz Media offers insights that can be of great value to you.



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