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Angela Stewart 18 December 2020
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Various Benefits of Hiring Chat Support Outsourcing Services

We often ask companies, why not use live chat? when working on something as crucial as customer contact; the same question yields almost similar answers. These companies do not feel the need to apply live chat to their ecommerce sites because they already provide customer support via emails, phone calls, and even social media platforms.

So why Live Chat? Well, what these companies miss out on is the benefits these virtual chats can bring their way. They see that a channel that would increase their work is a feature that can help them build trust in their customers. And what is an asset to the brand more than a loyal customer?

To present the concept and advantages that the chat support outsourcing services feature comes with, we bring you a list of 10 reasons to use live chat.

But before that, let us prove how a live chat function will bring your website to life. We believe that every website is just a store over the web. Suppose we compare this store to a physical store down the road.

In that case, the only thing lacking is a sales executive's presence that would guide the customer throughout and thus make their shopping experience more comfortable. This is to show how an outsource live chat operator works on your website; it provides instant assistance.

The various benefits of hiring chat support outsourcing services are:

1. Boost conversion and retention

An essential purpose behind organizations to actualize live chat on their websites is the dynamically positive outcome of their business. Various exploratory and information reports present how chat support outsourcing services positively impacts conversion rates.

Bold Chart has reported that website visitors who use live chat are likely to convert as much as 2.8 times faster than visitors that don't use the feature. Not only this, but these customers also end up spending 60% more than the ones whose doubts aren't clear because of the lack of assistance such as live chat.

As the customer likes this assisted shopping experience, they are more likely to come back and increase retention rates. Around 63% of them return to websites that offer quick assistance in the form of live chat.

If these facts and figures are to be believed, you might feel curious to know why and how live chat is such a crowd puller. The answer is quite simple. As I had mentioned earlier, live chat equates to be the web version of a personal sales executive helping you in your purchase throughout.

The customer can quickly ask questions and make quick decisions based on the same, just like the conventional shopping experience. Therefore, if a customer's queries are resolved in a very short time span, it ends in a successful purchase, making live chat a must-have feature for your website.

2. Reduce shopping cart abandonment

As a result of quick customer support, visitors do not abandon the shopping cart in the middle of the purchase. The increased supply and availability of goods across various websites and online portals have decreased customer engagement. If a visitor does not get a satisfactory response in real-time, it results in shopping cart abandonment.

While the whole process of online buying is filled with several steps, the visitor can leave the site if they find any of these processes hard to get through. For example, there are many queries that surface regarding online payment methods, cancellation, return policies, and answers to these are most of the time not even available in the FAQ section. Without proper communication and answers, your business is bound to lose customers who will not complete their transactions.

Various research like The Baymard Institute comprehensively suggests these incomplete transactions result in a loss of millions of dollars. In this scenario, live chat reduces the time in which the customer receives answers to his queries. Therefore, live chat helps in maintaining the shopping rate.

3. Increase customer satisfaction

Live chat increases conversion rates and reduces shopping cart abandonment, but another powerful and exciting feature about having live chat on your website is customer satisfaction. Outsource live chat operators impact how your clients engage with you. The live chat feature is immediate and straightforward to use, making it an exceptionally favored contact channel for clients. Numerous bits of examination on consumer satisfaction demonstrate this.

Surveys found that 83% of clients are happy with live chat's customer support, contrasted with only 61% for email and 44% for telecommunication services. These results hold testimony to the fact that live chat is significantly preferred over other means of customer support.

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