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Robert Jordan 3 October 2019
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4 Ways AI Has Supercharged Customer Experience

Organizations are willing to go extra mile to make each of the customer experiences a unique one. A good experience leads to customer satisfaction. For example, in a recent report, the search engine giant Google ACSI score (American customer satisfaction index) was reported as 79/100.

So, what do you think it came from? 

You guessed it right from the customer experience. The company has taken the help of AI to supercharge the customer experience in all possible ways. Find some of the ways in this blog which have been implemented by many organizations to improvise customer experience.

There has been much talk about customer experience in recent years, even some tech giants also predicting that CX (customer experience) would be the focal point of many organizations in the coming years.

As markets become increasingly competitive with the growth of SMBs, satisfying a customer has become as taxing as setting up a new business. Customers have a lot of options making it a challenge to push them down the sales funnel. The one approach which many organizations follow is making the customer experience the best one, so that the customers keep returning to their brand. The approach called as positive customer experience builds up the brand reputation and gives the desired recognition to the organization.

Customer experience, known as the overall perception of the brand resulting from comprehensive interactions with the buyer, is not that different from customer satisfaction, which measures the satisfactory level of the customer. In reality, customer service is considered a part of the entire customer experience journey.

As per a McKinsey report, companies focused on providing a great experience across the journey of the customer generated a 10-15% increase in revenue with increased customer satisfaction.

AI (Artificial intelligence) which is gradually bringing revolutionary changes in many industries is also supercharging customer experience in different ways, find out some of them here:

1. A break-through in customer experience:

Let’s talk about Virgin Holidays and AI

You might think what’s the connection between these two!!!

Here’s the catch, Virgin Holidays implemented AI to prove the value of its email marketing campaign. The business planned a full-scale transformation of the methods through which it used to communicate with the customers. Saul Lopes, the customer lifecycle lead at Virgin Holidays turned to AI for testing at scale. With the help of email marketing solution Phrasee, powered by AI it started testing on different subject lines and text to find out what’s most effective.

To their surprise, AI found out that the best results were generated from the emails without a specific sales message.A message like “Book before Monday” or “A holiday package to get away from the stress,” gave better results than big promotional messages like 50% off.

The process worked to a great extent, and Virgin Holidays witnessed a 2% increase in open rates.

The company is also planning to grow its digital sales to 50% of the revenue by the year 2020.

2. AI turning data for CX improvements:

As per a report:

  • 81% of the satisfied customers are more likely to approach you again for your service if they have a positive experience.
  • 95% of customers are going to take action after a negative experience, which includes sharing with family, friends, colleagues, and others.
  • Small businesses estimated that almost 85% of their new business came from word-of-mouth publicity

Majority of the organizations have a large volume of customer’s data, such as the above findings. It leads to better customer experience when all these data are used to provide useful insights with the help of AI.

3. The imperial personalization:

A customer goes through the various stages of customer experience journey such as interest, discovery, attention, action, purchase, usage, and advocacy. When all the stages get supercharged by AI, it helps in giving exceptional customer experience. This is personalization as each stage are different for every customer from which AI can maximize the benefits.

Personalization with AI helps to a great extent in communication with the customer as you reach them, “where they are.”

4. Components getting supercharged by AI:

The main components of the customer experience are:

  • Product: How well the features meet the individual requirements of the customer
  • Communication: How well the organization communicates with the customer via marketing, brand, sales, and advertising.
  • Channel: How well the contact channels, such as the website, phone, digital, face-to-face, meets the preference of the customer.
  • Process: How amicable the organization processes are, which can be anything from the application process to the claim process.
  • People: How the employees treat the customer
  • Price: What the customer pays and considers as a good value for the complete experience

AI with predictive analytics can analyze all the components to improvise customer experience.

The whole customer experience and engagement is made up of the rational and emotional response by the customer. Gartner even defines customer experience as “customer’s perceptions and feelings caused by the cumulative effect of the interactions with the supplier’s products, employees, channels, and system.”


Satisfied customers are good to maintain your sanity as, without customers, an organization cannot sustain in the market. You need to provide a good customer experience journey where at each stage, you delight them by giving more than their expectations.

It has been found that it’s six times more expensive for wooing a new customer than retaining the existing one. So, enhance the whole experience journey supercharged by the AI and avoid extra costs.

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