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Samantha Fletcher 31 October 2019
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Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Digital Advertising

In the digital era, there is often a disconnect between traditional and digital strategies, often resulting in mixed messages. This can impact negatively on the ROI of a campaign. To avoid this, it’s essential to bridge the gap between traditional and digital. As more marketers see the value in a well-integrated campaign, they expect their creative ideas to transcend mediums such as out-of-home, TV and radio to social media, websites and streaming services.

How can your brand make this crossover?

While digital is instant, measurable and relatively cost-effective, it is important to note that audiences have their channels of choice. To create effective campaigns that transcend digital and traditional, follow these insights.

The active and passive approach

When using traditional and digital channels, it’s essential that your brand remains relevant to different audiences, which often means younger audiences are reach via digital platforms, while still keeping in touch with core audiences through out-of-home and print advertising. Utilising a combination of traditional and digital platforms allows you to reach more potential customers through immediate digital communication, (which is active) and create brand awareness through traditional channels (more passive). But you must bridge the gap with a single-defining-idea central to all channels.

Multiple channels of communication

Instead of placing all your communication eggs in one basket and hoping for the best, it’s vital to split your communication through different channels. This allows for different media formats such as video, static and print, but also reaches a larger audience through their preferred platforms. For instance, digital platforms will attract a new market as consumers prefer to do their own research on your brand, whereas traditional platforms cement the legacy of your brand through smart and effective creative.

Make it better, but personal

In an era of fast-fashion, fast-food and instant messaging, your brand needs to set itself apart through personalisation. Consumers aren’t interest in mass-marketed, mass-produced content. They want an experience tailored to them that feels exclusive and personal. Digital allows marketing professionals and their agencies to interrogate data, understand user behaviours and personalise outputs based on insights.

By integrating these core insights into your marketing strategies, you have the ability to own and earn media, communicate directly with your audiences and create kickass campaigns that communicate with different generations.

To harness the power of integrated traditional and digital communications for your brand, get in touch with the team that knows how to take your brand from billboards to borderless devices.

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