Olivia Diaz
Olivia Diaz 5 June 2019

Voice Search: A Game-Changer for Ecommerce

Retailers ought to be focused on voice search. With the rise of products like Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri, experts are expecting a rapid spread of voice-driven user experiences. Voice-empowered shopping has become one of the most discussed technology trends...

Brands are connecting to their target audiences using voice search, and by developing a successful application brands can catch user attention.

Why are people attracted to voice search?

One of the most obvious reasons is that voice search helps to mimic natural behavior. Advancements in machine learning improved voice recognition software radically.

Typing in a question in your smartphone might seem normal but in reality, talking is more natural. With the aid of voice search, it is becoming easier to get accurate results.

How can Voice Search change your Shopping Experience?

Voice search claims to make your online shopping easier and personalized by curating recommendations. For instance - if you go shopping for groceries through a service like Amazon Fresh, you simply need to tell Alexa your dietary requirements and the system will suggest or add items to the that will match your needs automatically.

Voice search is making shopping easier for repeat customers by saving their past history and reordering. For instance, you might simply tell your digital assistant to reorder the same soap or shower gel which you ordered last time and your shopping experience will be extremely easy.

Voice Search is also making shopping a lot easier for customers by leaving reviews to increase its importance. Rather than logging in to write your review, your device simply asks you - 'How do you like the backpack you ordered?' or 'How many stars would give that product?'

How can Marketers get Ready for Change?

Brands should begin by having a defined voice engine optimization strategy. Then you should work on building a keyword list specific for your voice search which uses more conversational tones, you will need to optimize for long-tail keywords and phrases. Most of the search queries on voice search are based on question-based keywords.

You need to optimize for featured snippets. The best way to do about this is to answer some specific questions related to your product and services. Take the time to listen to your customers and understand what questions your consumers are asking about your products. You have a better chance of appearing in a voice search result by taking some appropriate steps in your software development.

In order to generate more business, along with the voice search option, it is also vital to have a good loading speed of your website. That is because voice assistants and voice search applications are designed to provide answers to the questions in microseconds. The pace will become very unnatural for the users if your website takes more time to load than usual.

You must ensure that your website can load as quickly as possible because it is considered a good starting point in Google's own PageSpeed Insights tool that tests your website speed and provides suggestions for the possible improvements. Try to pay special attention to mobile loading speeds as there are customers who use their phone for voice searches. You can also improve your voice search speed by making use of schema markups, they are a special type of HTML code which explains the content of your webpage to search engines.

Summing up!

Voice search is not only a trend but a paradigm shift in the communication sector, it opens up new opportunities for retail and ecommerce. 

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