Megan Totka
Megan Totka 7 June 2019

Six Reasons Your Digital Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working (And How to Fix It)

Are you worried your business growth is slowing down? Check out these six reasons your marketing strategy might not be working, and what changes you should be making.

Every business that exists relies heavily on marketing to fuel its growth. Effective marketing has the ability to produce a predictable and steady flow of leads for a business, which ultimately results in paying customers. However, if the flow of your leads dry up or you aren’t one of the 61 percent of small businesses that invest in social media marketing, your business growth will slow down. 

This situation is a frightening one for every business owner. If you want to ensure you find success, check out these six reasons your marketing strategy might not be effective, so you can make some changes.

Your brand is not as attractive as others.

Customers actually desire to work with businesses that they like, know and trust. It is crucial that you strive to build a brand and business that positions you as knowledgeable and likeable business in your niche. If prospects do not trust you or are not confident that you have the ability to help them, they won’t choose to give you their business.

Many people still think of digital marketing as just a website; and yes, it is extremely important to learn how to create engaging web copy. You should also think about using blog posts and videos to build trust and boost your brand; digital marketing allows your business to reach the whole world, so take advantage of it. Aim to provide relevant information your customers can take away to make their lives easier and better.

You are speaking to the wrong people.

Your problem might not be with your service, product or marketing campaign. However, it may be that you’re not pitching your business and its offerings to the right audience. It doesn’t do your business any good if you’re pitching your business to people who can’t afford what you’re offering or those who do not want to utilize your offerings. Make sure to leverage sales enablement to increase ROI through hyper-targeting the right people, curating and sharing great content and educating everyone on your team so you’re all on the same page.

You are asking for too much.

Many customers want to take their time before they make a purchasing decision. The more significant their investment is, the more time it will take. A large portion of the traffic that visits your social media pages or website is people who are doing their research and contemplating making a purchase but are not yet ready to commit to anything.

You expect immediate results.

Effective marketing necessitates consistency and repetition. It isn’t sufficient to reach a prospective customer just one time. Instead, it takes repeated engagements to drive action.

Make it a goal to reach your target market repeatedly if you want them to take action. Do it through multiple channels – email, social media platforms, your website, direct mail and so on. The more touch points, the better.

You forget the sole purpose of digital marketing.

You can’t forget the reason for a digital marketing strategy – it’s always about the customer. Every single aspect of your strategy, from the website to the content and the channels used to deliver it, should be targeted directly to your audience. Your goal should be to make things as easy as possible for the customer, so they can comprehend your product, brand and the message you’re wanting to get across. The content must be simple to understand for both returning and new customers.

You assume social media is the same across the board.

Many businesses think that posting on a business platform on social media is like posting on a personal page. That is not that case; you don’t want to post in a non-professional tone. Always make sure to use professional vocabulary that matches the voice of your brand and provide quality photos, graphics and videos. These rules apply for all types of digital marketing and social media is no exception. Start by creating a content plan, then review it regularly to see what works and change the things that aren’t proving successful.

If your marketing campaign is not working as well as you’d like, your business is in a vulnerable position. The great news is that you can still make changes to get your business out of the rut and on track. Make sure you have a clear message and that you’re working to build a brand that positions you as an expert in your industry. Double check to ensure you’re targeting the correct market and never fail to nurture your relationships. Take these tips and run with them and you can revamp your marketing strategy into one that is highly successful.

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