Sumit Gharal
Sumit Gharal 4 April 2019

7 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Important! Number 7 Is a Must Read!

2018 was really the year of great content marketing strategies. The fact that 58% of marketers of the world were spending more money on the creation of content in the year 2018 according to a study by Content Marketing Institute shows exactly how important content is as a Digital Marketing solution.

Content does more than just filling up your web pages, it builds confidence amongst your current & your soon to be clients too. It helps you create great brand awareness and drives traffic to your website where your products or services are listed.

The benefits of content marketing are not just limited to getting audiences and generating revenue but there are some other benefits too which cannot be measured in terms of monetary benefits. Content marketing’s growth has been explosive and is showing no signs of stopping. The most popular CMS, WordPress, saw more than 83 million posts a month on their own platform alone. To keep it brief “CONTENT IS KING”.

Following are the seven reasons and stats why Content Marketing is important for you and your business:

1) Builds Brand Awareness:

Builds Brand Awareness

Content Marketing is the best and the most effective way of building brand awareness to the new and targeted audiences at a very low cost. The process of building brand awareness via advertising or PR can prove to be very heavy on a business’s pocket. To be honest, word of mouth type of publicity/marketing is no more valid in this era and Content Marketing is the change that businesses of all sizes need. If done in a correct manner the right content can do wonders by increasing relevant traffic to your website by letting people know about your brand who never knew if your brand ever existed? Through content, one can easily let people know about their products and how unique is their business is and a lot more over time and again.

Video content is preferred more for brand awareness as it helps the user know exactly what are your services and products, the more likely the people know about your business the more likely they are to pay you a visit and avail benefits from your business.

2) Helps Build Links:

Build Links

What makes other websites want to link to your website? The answer is simple: “Great Content”. If you are able to create the best content then other websites may want to link their web content with yours. Depending on the site that has linked with your content, you might be able to get huge traffic in a very quick time. The benefits of backlinking are not just limited to this but, backlinking proves to be one of the main criteria which is considered necessary to help your websites rank. If websites with high DA (Domain Authority) score and PA (Page Authority) score links with yours then you can expect a high number of people visiting your website with the help of your links. This in fact also increases your Page Authority.

3) Great For Digital Marketing Solutions:

Digital Marketing Solutions

Content is a pillar on which all the Digital Marketing Solutions and services rest. Let us take for an example SEO (Search Engine Optimization). To start with, SEO, the first thing that comes into one’s mind is a keyword, which is a part of the content that is to be inserted into the website (Web Content). An image or a video are also types of content, which are used especially for social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote a product or a service in a better way through Social Media Marketing. Expert content is necessary when it comes to providing results for the Digital Marketing techniques one is using for their business. Search engine algorithms are changing from time to time but the only thing that remains constant is the dependency on Content especially the text Content for a better-ranking website.

4) Text Content Is Evergreen:

Text Content Is Evergreen

I completely agree that some content pieces are very time sensitive, as they are outdated quickly and are never meant to prove useful in the future. However, barring a few content pieces the others are evergreen and tend to remain out there for a long time in Google’s Index. Evergreen content continues to bring in traffic for the website from time to time with no or little extra efforts required. Evergreen content is the content, which provides knowledge to the audience and answers their basic query. The extra added benefit of the evergreen text content is that one does not necessarily have to add new content every time, rather he/she can re-post the same content in time.

5) Educate Your Audience:

Educate Your Audience

Content should especially be designed for the sole purpose of educating your visitors. After all, a visitor is curious and has come to your website to find answers to his/her questions. With such type of informative content, you are not only providing them what you need but also building a strong relationship with them in the process. People only return to websites that they can trust. For example, Great articles are added on to their website each week and people just love to visit them and gain as much knowledge as possible. The more you continue to engage your audiences the better it is.

6) Strengthens Your Bond With Your Customers:

Strengthens Your Bond With Customer

The type of content here should be authoritative in order for people to actually visit your website on a regular basis. Once your content is good enough for people to believe in you then you have your fan base right there. After that, the more the content you share with your esteemed followers the stronger the bond gets, making you and your marketing strategy unbreakable.

7) Generate Leads For Your Business:

generate leads

We have kept the best for the last. The most important aspect of Content Marketing is, of course, Lead Generation. After all Digital Marketing is all about generating leads and driving traffic to the customers (Of course, it is much more than that).  Businesses always need new leads to generate revenue and to keep the business going on. Content marketing helps your business to be found by the users who are searching for your particular products on the web. People refer your website content before they decide to even buy your products or even avail your services. Using different techniques like giving eBook free download and many other things also lead to an increase in web traffic leading to an increase in sale perhaps.


Content Marketing is here to stay for a very long time. With increasing competition between businesses, Content Marketing will grow at a faster pace. In fact, online Content Marketing will be the deciding factor between the success and the failure of a business as it is a digital marketing solution, which one cannot simply skip if they need to succeed.

Video content use is also on the rise. With statistics claiming 5 billion videos being watched on a daily basis on just YouTube itself, it is a type of content we simply cannot ignore. Even voice control is taking its roots now and Siri, Cortana, and Alexa being the prime examples.

With all these examples one needs to be on top of their Content Marketing game and has to develop content in a strategic way with a clear purpose keeping in mind the targeted audience. Prime focus should be on the quality and the proper distribution of Content over different channels. Hope this blog helps the businesses of all shapes and sizes and budding content writers too. Please feel free to mention if we have missed any point in the comments section.

Richa Verma
Richa Verma

Thanks for highlighting the importance of content in digital marketing.

Public Anonymous User
Public Anonymous User

Thanks for sharing this post! Content is the soul of any digital marketing campaign. For successful digital marketing, first, you’ve to create the best quality that will rank your website higher in google search engine result page. I also share my views on same topic. Kindly read and comment your views-

Omkar Bagade
Omkar Bagade

Great article. The article clearly explains the importance of content marketing for a business. One of the points talks about lead generation. To find out in detail click here

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