Peter Hill
Peter Hill 18 January 2019

11 Essential Tools to Promote Your Business Via Social Media

Every business wants to hit their sales target, however, without having a good marketing strategy the chance of it is rather small. Here are 11 best tools to promote your product, brand or even business on social media.

Social media is, without question, one of the the most powerful communication channels that can turn your business into a major success. Of course, due to the high competition, you’ll need to differentiate your social media strategy and optimise your performance until you stand out.

The road to social media mastery is not a short one, and it definitely demands a lot of work, resources, and solutions.

Our time and attention is limited. As your social media campaigns become more complicated and demanding in terms of time and attention, you might find it hard to manage all your business operations effectively.

When that happens, it’s time to consider social media marketing tools. By leveraging the right social tools, you’ll be able to save a lot of resources and improve your campaigns’ performance and stability.

In today’s post, I’m presenting 11 essential tools to promote your business via social media channels. I’d suggest you check each of these tools to see how they fit your unique needs. Let’s get started.

1.          BuzzSumo

Content is the fuel of your social media strategy. To stand out from the crowd in the first place, do your best to create the right content for your audience.

BuzzSumo helps you identify the most trending content within all industries. So, if you’re posting health-related things, add a few keywords, press search, and have a look at what “health” topics perform best.

You can also identify popular industry influencers using relevant industry keywords. BuzzSumo saves you time whenever you need to plan new topics and content to share or curate.

2.          Buffer

Buffer is one of the most popular social media automatization tools out there. Marketers love this tool because of its simplicity and efficiency. This software allows you to automatically schedule any type of social media post on various social media platforms. The tool also helps you track each post’s performance, providing helpful analytics features.

Compared to all the other automation tools, Buffer stands out by offering a great user experience that every beginner marketer can handle.

3.          HootSuite

Similar to Buffer, HootSuite is a social media management app that gives you the possibility to schedule your content and post it on various social media networks at any given time, under any given tags and specifications.

Their motto is “Manage all your social media in one place”, and they’re doing everything they can to help marketers find prospects and serve customers. HootSuite offers a free 30-days trial, so you can go ahead and see how useful this software is.

4.          Grammarly

When it comes to posting content on social media, you must be extra careful. Your brand’s reputation is at stake so even the smallest lack of attention might damage your authority in front of your customers.

Covering relevant topics is one thing, ensuring that they’re perfectly written is another. There are many ways to doublecheck your content’s grammar, though Grammarly is the most widely approached solutions. This tool highlights your grammar and spelling mistake as you type and provides suggestions on how to fix them.

5.          AssignmentGeek

Using a grammar software may not always be enough to keep your content impeccable. Leveraging professional editors is another excellent way to avoid any sort of trouble. AssignmentGeek is a proofreading service that provides professional proofreaders who truly know what they’re doing. If you can’t risk damaging your reputation, consider this service.

6.          HemingwayApp

HemingwayApp is a unique tool in today’s digital marketplace. The name is derived from the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, an author who managed to create amazing yet simple content. His sentences were never long, thus making his communication extremely clear.

HemingwayApp is a tool that analyzes your content in terms of readability and digestibility. Copy-paste your text, and in a few seconds, you’ll get powerful insights that’ll help you make your content easy to read and digest.

7.          AussieWritings

AussieWritings is a popular academic service that provides amazing content editors. Instead of using conventional writing companies, you should try collaborating with academic editors who understand the English language better than anyone. If you require extra quality editing and proofreading for your social media posts, this particular service could bring a lot of value.

8.          EssayWritingLab

EssayWritingLab specializes in content development, the company is composed of exceptional content writers and copywriters. Again, the academic tendency makes this service an out-of-the-box solution, though you shouldn’t underestimate its efficiency.

Outsourcing an expert content writer is often a significant investment, especially if the reputation of your writer is excellent. However, forgetting about your content development, editing, and publication needs even better investment. If this tool appeals to you, here is more info.

9.          Mention

Mention is a social media listening app that helps you track and monitor different keywords across various social media sites. This tool is especially good for brand monitoring purposes. Add your brand’s name and branded keywords or hashtags, and let Mention give you real-time updates whenever your keywords are mentioned.

This way, you can always immediately engage with the people who have presented interest in your business offers.

Of course, you can track any type of keyword so you can use this app for various purposes. For example, you can identify potentially powerful keywords and key phrases that your audience constantly uses, and you can take this intelligence and use it throughout your paid advertising campaigns.

10.      SocialBakers

SocialBakers is a highly intelligent social media analytics tool that’s comprised of a suite of tools. This solution is perfect for any business who’s looking to improve engagement, brand awareness, and conversion rates across social channels.

This app helps you measure your performance versus your main competitors, provides great insights on how to improve your content and campaigns, and helps you budget and manage your paid campaigns in a simple and effective manner.

11.      SocialFlow

Ever wondered if you’re posting at the right times? SocialFlow eliminates this concern by automatically scheduling your social media content (across various channels), based on your target audience’s activity and preferences.

The only thing you must do is upload your content and apply some preferences. The tool will use real-time data to publish specific posts, at the right time (when your audience is truly active), on the right social platforms.


Taking your social media marketing game to the next level is a piece of cake. Learn to be resourceful, learn to work smart, and learn to outsource. Your time is more valuable than the money you’d invest in tools that save time, energy, and money over time. Take advantage of our list of tools, test them one by one, and discover the ones that suit your needs.

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