Paulina Lasek
Paulina Lasek 18 January 2019

7 Brand Profiles on Instagram That you Don’t Know, but you Definitely Should

On the one hand, it's a diary, a personal collection of photos (our pets, homes, selfies or coffee mugs), on the other - the world's largest marketing tool. There are no influential brands that are not on Instagram. However, which brands manage to keep our attention?

Due to the popularity of this medium and the number of users (constant growth since 2010), it is becoming increasingly difficult to become a significant user. This article will show you the profiles you should not only click follow, but also see how they communicate on Instagram.

A lot is said about the negative impact of Instagram on our health. Many studies, including those conducted by the British Royal Society for Public Health, indicate that Instagram is the most dangerous medium for our health - it causes depression and anxiety, affects the perception of one's body. However, there is no doubt that, currently, it is the best tool for effective promotion of a brand, person or even a product.

Therefore, if we already spend countless hours scrolling the beautiful interiors of another cafe, photos of our friend from last trip to Thailand, it is worth approaching this tactic in a conscious, selective way to draw something more for yourself. For example - how you can build a company’s image or even your own in a brilliant way, sell products or just decipher the marketing mechanisms offered by this platform. 

Check which brands are worth following and what can we learn from them in the context of designing communication on Instagram.

1. Aircraft engines can be sexy

General Electric (@Generalelectric)

Seemingly, communicating about the aviation industry may seem quite boring on a medium like Instagram - well, what else can we show except the image of an engine? As it turns out, a lot more. General Electric invites people not connected with the Air transport industry to the dialogue. The pictures capture the attention of every nonprofessional - unobvious, almost artistic frames, high quality of all presented photographs make fuel nozzles easily confused with avant-garde sculpture.



2. Be happy - just like a pear

The Happy Pear (@thehappypear)

The Happy Pear is one of the largest Irish food brands that has followers from around the world. Happy pear (or rather happy pears) are basically twin brothers and enthusiasts of healthy eating and lifestyle. They started with a small vegetable store, now, they have already published three cookbooks and they could easily teach how to create authentic messages in social media. Their passion and enthusiasm are reflected on Instagram where they play with content - and sometimes more literally - also with food. This is not an ordinary profile that encourages you to eat healthily - Happy Pears shows the joy in a healthy lifestyle that is simply naturally contagious. Note: similarly addictive is their alternative use of vegetables - for example as outdoor clothing or as a skateboard.



NASA (@nasa)

There is nothing to hide - you will not find more unique photos on Instagram. Starting with views from the orbit itself, ending with films from the northern lights observed from space – indeed, no brand can beat it. Further, the NASA approach in using Instagram Stories is also noteworthy. They often constitute an interesting addition to the posts published in the feed - that is, developing a topic or presenting a research which portrays a given curiosity about the space; or publishing interviews with experts. By using Instagram Stories, NASA tells a deeper story than the one allowed by a post in a square image and 2,200 characters.




4. Consequence above all

Glossier (@glossier)

An Instagram profile thought out and planned from A to Z but in an unobtrusive and non-obvious way. The claim of the brand placed in BIO Skin first. Makeup second appears on every level. It is in bright and vivid photos that emphasize the essence of skin care or in the entire composition of the feed, which perfectly reflects the essence of Glossier products - illuminating and radiant. You can even almost feel that you have been using one of their moisturizing creams!



5. Want to sell the product? Don’t show it!

GoPro (@gopro)

The GoPro approach to designing communication on Instagram is not particularly complicated. On their profile, they share photos and experiences of their followers. Sharing photos of followers has a lot of benefits - for example, it allows to save a lot of time and money. However, there is one catch, it’s a good strategy only when you have a product such as GoPro, which always takes good pictures. Also because your customers are fans of extreme sports and not necessarily safe trips.



6. Influencer marketing on point

Adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals)

Adidas Originals, a lifestyle line of the cult sports brand is an example of a profile based mainly on influencer marketing. In clothes with three stripes, you'll see well-known singers and rappers such as Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg, Rita Ora, Kanye West, Stormzy and ASAP Ferg, as well as the most popular Instagram influencers such as Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner. In this sense, the promotion of Adidas Originals on Instagram takes place outside its own feed. Adidas has built a network of influencers from around the world which create their own content by promoting the brand on their profiles. This is a good tactic, especially when promoting a campaign or when launching a new product on the market.



7. Booking a bamboo hut in Bali has never been easier

Airbnb (@airbnb)

Probably most of you have downloaded the Airbnb application, but do you follow their profile on Instagram? If not, then you definitely have something to make up for! Airbnb, like GoPro, deploys mainly user-generated content. However, this is obviously not so easy - sharing photos from other profiles is not enough. Beautiful pictures from the farthest corners of the world will attract attention, but only a unique story about each of these places can keep it. Additionally, Airbnb uses Instagram to support the booking process - by clicking the link in the BIO, it directs us directly to the possibility of ordering all rooms and houses presented on their profile. Thanks to this feature we will not only save some time, but we will also immediately find out if the place where we will stay will look nice in our feed (#instagrammableplaces).



It was supposed to be so beautiful...

There is no single recipe for how to design communication on Instagram. We will not find it in any book about social media, podcast or speech on TEDx. The companies presented in this list belong to completely different categories, which proves that the involvement of users and drawing attention on Instagram is possible to achieve in practically every industry. Nevertheless, it requires a lot of work.

Whether you design a strategy for your company or for a private profile, an analysis of the target group is crucial; as well as an idea about how to distinguish yourself from the competition; plus,

staying up-to-date with the new trends. Instagram is a tool that introduces quickly new functions, therefore we also need to be flexible and adapt to them rapidly. Most importantly, we will not achieve this without a thorough self-analysis. If we do not get to know ourselves well enough, we will not define the key values ​​of our brand - and we will not convince anyone. Even with photos of the most #instagrammable places on Earth.

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