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Neel Sinha 25 February 2019
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Top Social Media Tools for Growing Your Brand in 2019

Manually posting and monitoring multiple social media accounts would be time and capital-intensive activity for any organization, therefore, social media tools come handy.

These tools enable the company to maintain coverage of the brand by managing numerous social media posts on multiple accounts simultaneously across all the major platforms, more than one team member can work on the different accounts, tasks can be assigned to the team members, and the posts can be scheduled even when the user is offline.

Also, social media tools offer detailed analytics reports on various social media activities by closely monitoring engagements through keywords and hashtags filters. With so many benefits, it becomes imperative to use social media tools for growing the brand in 2019. Use these tools and stay ahead in the competition and most important win the brand loyalty of the target consumer. 

As the technology-driven solutions and tools are spreading like wildfire across the globe, the users have many options available in every segment and so in social media tools. Every tool offers some distinctive feature to help manage content, automate posting, and engage your audience more effectually, therefore, to identify the right tool for growing the brand is extremely difficult yet crucial. By this means, to ease the selection of the right tool, in this post we discuss the features and capability of some of the top social media tools.


AI-powered social media tool, Socialbakers is unique for the technology it uses and the output it delivers. This marketing software-as-service platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the behavior of the target audience with respect to what they want to see and what they like. When an organization knows about its target customers’ preferences and choices, then half the battle is won! 

They can develop the creatives of their posts on social media networks based on the AI reports on target customers' behavior.  The next distinguished feature of Socialbaker is that it can engage the target audience, follow the conversations around the brand and personalize the content as per the requirement. 

It even provides the analytics to know in detail about the benchmarks and competitive insights around the brand by tracking the key influences, measuring the follower’s growth, engagement rates, and interactions, industry standards, and social media presence optimization. Based on the analytics report, the tool also suggests the user as what kind of content works best for the client’s brand on various social media network. 

Rest, similar to other tools it also manages the social media publishing and saves a lot of time and resources of the users.  Socialbaker is used globally and extensively by many organizations namely McDonald's, L'Oreal and Desigual for promoting their brands on various social media networks.

Sprout Social 

A single hub to manage social media publishing, analytics, listening and engagement simultaneously across all the major social media networks namely Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+. An exclusive feature of Sprout Social is that it establishes the real-time communication with the target audience. Besides, it is one of the most simple and easy-to-use social media tools. 

Sprout Social scrutinizes all social media accounts of the user, collects all the social messages and stores in Smart Inbox making it easy for the user to respond. In this way, the messages that have mentions surely get due attention and connect with the audience is established. The tool also facilitates scheduling updates. The posts are scheduled from one box and are then placed in a shared content calendar for review and edits. 

Another unique feature of Sprout Social is that it provides reasonably well-defined analytics reports for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, the user can review the activity and engagement of other team members too through this tool.


One tool to meet all social media needs is AgoraPulse. It offers processes and solutions for marketing, monitoring, and management. 

To evaluate the performance of the post with respect to brand exposure and reach AgoraPulse provides comprehensive analytics tools addressing average fan profiling, engagement breakdown, post recommendations, page views, export into Powerpoint, ROI analysis, and competitor analysis. With this elaborative analytic data, companies can reach, connect and engage their target customers much more dynamically. 

Apart from these unique features, AgoraPulse is rapidly catching the attention of the organizations of all sizes as it offers pocket-friendly plans. It also wins users' preference over other social media tools for growing brand as it is easy to understand and use.


To utilize time proficiently on social media to reach a new audience and engage existing target consumers, manage and monitor various social media accounts as well as the blog from a single tab with SocialOomph tool. It frequently gets updated with improved and advanced features to match up the technology upgrade. Apart from having a personalized posting schedule and monitoring social media activities, another distinguished feature of this tool is blogging.

The tool enables users to write posts on blogs, published them on different blog platforms, and have automatic updates and RSS feeds from blog postings. The other benefits are, it is possible to send the email from a user’s personal email account and same can be updated on all social media accounts, remove old messages from the inbox through a pre-set schedule, filter the profiles as required and upload the tweets in groups. 

Initially, the software focused exclusively on Twitter, but now it is delivering high performance and productivity for other social networks too. Users find the tool extremely easy and simple to use. SocialOomph certainly helps the companies to improve brand visibility in the competitive world. 


Tagboard is an innovative software that collects content from multiple social media platforms, categorizes it all using hashtags and presents it in engaging visual formats. This enables the organizations to filter positive influence, intensify engagement of target audience, and display their experiences so that potential customers can associate themselves in the online conversations and be part of the discussions. In this way, Tagboard plays a significant role in amplifying the online conversations taking place around the brand thereby intensifying its online exposure and reach. 
Other exclusive features of this tool are keyword filters, tagboard live tool, and intuitive control panel. Keyword filters help in identifying important content and highlights it appropriately as well as in routine blocks offensive and unrelated content thus the conversation is meaningful and engaging for all the social media followers. Tagboard Live tool offers flexible customization and beautiful integrated displays of the content on smart gadgets including big and small screens. The intuitive control panel aids to set the screen size, resolution, speed, positioning, view distance and even animation style. These features are extremely helpful in managing the live events’ activities and workflows. 

This social media tool wins over the users’ preference for being a responsive and spontaneous interface allowing to easily manage high volume content. Besides, it allows shared control with other team members to streamline the workflow. 


Manage multiple social media accounts easily from a single dashboard with HootSuite by scheduling the posts at one go, organize the content in a simplified way and save the content in the cloud.  It secures users’ passwords, profiles, and login information.

It simultaneously connects to different social media profiles, then pulls up the pages, quickly browses it all and segregates the content as per the action required. With this neat and simple to use interface organizations can leverage the tool for growing the brand and having its impactful presence on various social media platforms.  It supports blog and provides social sharing statistics. It even offers real-time web monitoring and alerts in many different languages on smart devices.

The free version offers decent features however in order to have advanced security and more customization it is best to opt for the pro version that is available for at a reasonable fee.


To track the performance of content and schedule posts on different social media networks, Buffer is one of the best social media tools. A software application for the web and mobile, it is user-friendly and quite flexible thereby the tool can be largely helpful in promoting the brand as it builds-up the followers and influence by having a consistent presence on social media.  With the regular feature of scheduling the posts, Buffer allows its users to mend or remove the default time slots of the post as and when they require.

Buffer provides easy-to-understand analytics for every update shared on the social media networks. It extends suggestions to users on the post as well as detailed information on the number of clicks, retweets, likes, favorites, mentions and potential views of every single post. With this information, organizations can analyze the performance of the post and take their decisions accordingly. 

Many people around the world appreciate Buffer most for its well-organized and prompt customer support service who respond to the queries and offer the best possible solution.  Other distinctive features mentioned by the users for Buffer are the simple interface and intuitive settings. To have Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feed active one can opt for Buffer. It offers free as well as paid plan for managing multiple social media accounts simultaneously.


To strengthen brand presence across the social media platforms organizations can choose Spredfast. It is yet another effectual tool that is largely helpful to develop, publish, monitor and measure the content performance for growing the brand. Spredfast is different as it provides unlimited access to real-time data of all the accounts on various social media networks. It extends valuable insights by organizing and evaluating the data thereby it can be leveraged to track several campaigns of multiple brands going on varied social media platforms at the same time. 

Organizations throughout the globe are reaping benefits of using Spredfast by analyzing the trends, evaluating competitors’ movements and conversations happening around their brands. The feature of this tool that attracts the attention of the user is its ability to quickly export the data and share it all in snippets to a large team.


A social media tool available everywhere and can be used without any installation is Tracx, a cloud-based platform. It improves customer engagement with the brand as it offers all-in-solution to capture the entire conversation. In addition, it provides solutions to optimize online campaigns and track ROI, therefore, the brand reach to the potential audience can be tracked closely.   
The data offered by Tracx is quite steady as well as the analytical reports and charts are promptly available. Organizations use this social media tool extensively to manage and monitor mentions around the brand throughout the web and social media platforms. In this way, the audience messages are never left out thus it strengthens brand positioning amongst the target audience. It brings insights into the post publishing. Therefore, the impact of the content is much better. Besides, it even improves collaborations and delivers a unified brand message.  


It connects the brand with potential customers on social media and digital channels. Monitoring conversations around the brand, managing the campaign plus content, engaging target customers by joining related conversations on websites, mobile apps, social channels and of course automating the postings at all social media platforms are the unique features of Lithium social media tool.  

Every second there are uncountable posts and updates on social media, therefore, brands require the content that reverberates in the mind of target audiences. Lithium helps to have such content published at the most suitable time. Likewise, this tool enables the users to respond to the conversations about the brands on various social networks promptly. 

The performance of campaigns is tracked through Lithium by analyzing visual timeline, trends and customer insights on digital media and mobile apps.  It also improves team collaboration and workflow.  Lithium tool is most liked by users from different parts of the world for its easy mobile access feature that assures customer service representatives to act promptly.

All the social media tools discussed in this post are distinctive in some way or the other. Marketers have to match their requirements to grow their brand in alliance with the unique features of these social media tools to find that 'right tool' for their business. There are different criteria too that can be considered to pick the right social media tool for growing the brand such as user satisfaction, product direction (in-tune with latest change in trends and social media potential), easy-to-learn (maintenance), customer support, usability (enhances the productivity), meet requirements (business needs) and G2 crowd rating.

Conclusion: Every single company irrespective of dealing in products or services have to use social media tools to grow their brand. The reason being, these days many people are making purchases online and they share their experiences on social media that acts like the recommendation of the brand to others. Hence social media is extremely effectual in promoting the brand online.  Make the best use of these different social media tools to have vigorous brand promotion online through engagement with potential and existing target customers as well as attaining targeted exposure. All the Best! 

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